Contura V Etched Switch Covers

Our Contura V Laser etched switch covers are a great way to improve your dash panel’s look and function.

  • Laser etched – engraved durability, no ink
  • Greatly improved night readability (read more here)
  • Extremely easy to install – all from front of panel
  • Standard Contura Fit – Any Carling V-Series
  • Over 90 Marine Labels

Our contura V covers have two ‘lenses’ so to speak… one is the actual symbol and text itself. The other is the oval at the bottom. For this reason, these actuators work best on switches with two lights. They will fit of coarse on single light switches, but the oval will not illuminate if your switch does not have a lamp behind it.

Changing your covers is EXTREMELY easy using our actuator removal tool.

Press the tool into the space between the switch and actuator.  Your old cover will pop right off, allowing our new printed actuator to latch on.

Any actuator sold on this site, will fit any switch body sold on this site – or any other Carling V-series switch without a raised bezel.

  • If your switches look like any of those below – they will fit
  • If your switches have a 4 digit number on the side staring with a “V” (ex: V1D1) – they will fit
  • If you’re still not sure, email us a picture and we’ll be happy to tell you: Contact Us

NOTE: Contura V switches are .07″ wider than Contura II switches and MAY NOT FIT if your switches are too close together.

See the images below for reference, if you’re still in doubt – email us a picture of your switches and we will let you know for sure!

On boat’s you’ll nearly always have mostly ON-OFF (single throw) switches.  Those will be one of two kinds:

  • Single lens – shown on left below
  • Double lens – shown on right below

In general these contura V switches are meant to go on ON-OFF rocker switches with two lights. Most prefer our contura II switch covers for those with single lights.

That being said, our contura V’s will still fit on single lamp switches, and they will still have improved readability when the switch is on and durability via laser etching. So feel free to choose either, just be aware if you have single light switches, the oval indicator light on our contura V’s will never come on unless you change the switch body out as well.

Do you need a Cover Removal Tool as well?

This simple tool will make removing your old covers and installing these new ones a breeze!

View Tool Now!