Lumitec Courtesy Lights

Quality marine courtesy lights and accent lighting will keep your footing sure after the sun sets for years to come.

Courtesy lights are one of the most common marine electrical loads.

Typically <50 Lumens of courtesy lights will radiate your boat’s deck with a memorable ambiance enhancing glow.

Our high-quality stainless or powder-coated Lumitec accent lights will also keep your passenger’s toes unstumped on those evening cruises.

Andros Blue
Lumitec blue Andros courtesy light
Aruba White
Aruba white courtesy light by Lumitec

All Courtesy & Accent Light Products

  • Echo courtesy light warm white
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  • Lumitec courtesy light blue white housing
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  • Lumitec Exuma stainless Housing blue
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  • Lumitec Exuma Stainless Housing White
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  • lumitec aruba courtesy light blue
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  • Aruba courtesy light in white
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  • Andros Courtesy/Accent Light in White
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  • lumitec newt livewell/courtesy light blue
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  • lumitec newt livewell/courtesy light red
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  • lumitec newt courtesy light white
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Marine Courtesy Lights

One of our most popular boat switch labels – and we would know – “courtesy lights” are one of the most common electrical loads on a boat.

Courtesy lights are used to illuminate the deck area and are generally used in higher quantities than say, a boat spreader light.

For example – it’s not uncommon to have four or size 45Lumen courtesy lights around a boat’s console. Or used as accent lights, you may have six individual lights on the bottom of a hardtop.

A higher quantity of lights with lower output gives the extremely high-end glowing effect without shadows common on extremely high-end and well-built boats.

Other common uses for courtesy or accent lights include salons, used behind cabinets or shelves as an accent. They also look great when added to the risers of stairs. They are also often used under gunnel lights or inside rod lockers, fish boxes, or even livewells.

Usually, courtesy/ accent lights installation is with a simple drill bit and a few screws. Most of our courtesy lights won’t take more than 10 minutes to install after running the wire.