Lumitec Dome/Down Lights

Found everywhere from the bottom of a hard-top or E-Box to under shelving units in a million dollar salon, our top notch marine grade dome lights have you covered.

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Marine Down Lights

Marine rated downlights are installed overhead to shine down on the subject, as opposed to a boat’s courtesy light for example that may illuminate from the waist down.

Typically found in cabins, or under E-Boxes more like helm accent lighting, downlights and dome lights by lumitec are found on some of the worlds highest quality boats like Mag Bay Yachts and Buddy Davis.

We carry a robust inventory of waterproof dome lights – some even dimmable, color changing and equiped with Lumitec’s innovative Time Toggle Protocol; allowing these features with a two wire installation.

Contact us if you need any Lumitec product not shown on our website, chances are we can get it.