Lumitec Spreader Lights

Throw some light on that deck with our Lumitec spreader lights and flood lights!

Capri LT white – $99.00
Capri LT lumitec spreader light
Caprera2 white/red – $159.00
caprera2 red/white flood light lumitec
Maxillume h60 – $469.00
Maxillume 6000 lumen spreader light

Marine Spreader Lights

Nearly every center console with a T-top or hardtop, and nearly every flybridge overlooking an aft deck is going to want spreader lights or floodlights illuminating the deck at night.  Our Lumitec spreader lights are your premium quality lighting solution for overhead mounted deck lights.

Best bang-for-your buck lumens per dollar wise Lumitec is the industry leader for deck flood lights, and New Wire Marine stands by them for top notch support for our products pre-and-post sale.

Many of our flood lights feature Time Toggled Protocol, built in dimming and color changing technology… but ALL of our flood lights only require two conductors.  None of the messy low voltage signal cabling required, and no external control modules.

Those marine flood lights not featuring TTP like our capreraLT spreader light can be dimmed using our deckhand dimmer module and a simple (ON)-OFF-(ON) boat rocker switch.