Lumitec Utility Lights

Rugged utility lights are great for engine room spaces or areas that are apt to be kicked when moving about.  Our selection of Lumitec utility lights boasts many color, style and functional options.

Our Lumitec “Rail2 Spectrum” lights are great for eye catching under gunnel illumination and rod/tank storage lockers.  Mounts with two wood screws on nearly any surface, it’s our most popular utility light.

The “Anywhere” utility light is for all intents and purposes a ruggedized courtesy light.  Our second most popular in this category – at 150 Lumens with dimming capability – don’t count it out as an extra bright console or courtesy light as well.

Rail2 Spectrum Color – $124.00
Lumitec Rail2 Spectrum
Anywhere Light Blue – $39.95
Lumitec Anywhere Light Red, White, Blue

Marine Utility Lights

Utility lights are basically rugged courtesy lights with a bit more output… and our selection by Lumitec has plenty of choices.  The second Gen Rail2 and Mini Rail2 are extremely popular both as under gunnel lights and kick lights.

The Nevis2 and LT are excellent choices for engine rooms where a bump from a wrench would crack any other light out there.

The anywhere light is technically a utility light, but don’t count it out as being used as a courtesy light as well – with it’s 150 Lumens will be about 3 times as bright, than say one of our blue Exuma Courtesy Lights.