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Bilge Illuminated Rocker Switch

ON-OFF switch, 3 terminals

(1) Indicator Light at the Top

Both Red and Blue Lens Available

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Product Description

Bilge Rocker Switch

Genuine Carling Contura II rocker switch labeled “Bilge”.   This Bilge rocker switch is a Single Pole Single Throw ON-OFF switch.  All of New Wire Marine’s rocker switches are labeled with durable UV stabilized ink and large format text.

This product is the ENTIRE SWITCH combo and includes both the switch body and the labeled cover.  Find the Bilge switch cover sold separately here.

Our Bilge rocker switch has one indicator light at the top that illuminates when the switch is ON automatically.

This Bilge rocker switch will replace any Carling V-series or Contura style rocker switch.  That includes Contura style switches sold by Carling, Sierra, Blue Sea Systems, Sea-Dog, etc.  It uses an industry-standard 1.45″  x 0.83″ mounting hole.

Rocker Switch Quick Specs:

  • Voltage Rating: 12Vdc
  • Current Rating: 20A
  • Circuit: SPST
  • Position: ON-OFF
  • Water Protection: IP68 (waterproof to >1m submersion)
  • Terminal Count: 3
  • Terminal Style: 0.250″ Quick Connect (spades)
  • Body P/N: V1D1-B60B
  • Contact Life: 150,000 cycles
  • Lamp Life: 10,000 hours

What does this mean in real life?  This is an exceptionally high-quality rocker switch from the industry-leading manufacturer, Carling Technologies.  This switch will last many years in the harsh marine environment.

Download the full spec sheet here

How Our Switches Are Better:

  1. Genuine Carling switches – We’ll never try and pass off cheap Chinese knock-offs like some of our competitors. You’ve probably seen other sites list a switch as “fits carling”… that’s a red flag.  All our switches and covers are the genuine article.  And like all cheaply made counterfeits, you CAN tell the difference.
  2. Support – We know this product inside and out and are happy to help our customers.  Need help wiring up one of our products, just call: (843) 297-8348
  3. Guarantee – While Carling does not offer a warranty, we’re so confidant in the quality, if your switch breaks or the ink wears off within 2 years, you can return it for a free replacement!
  4. Durable UV stabilized ink – Have trouble with labels wearing off on your switches?  That’s because cheap non-UV stabilized ink was used… you won’t find that here.
  5. Hard cover style – We never use the “soft touch” style that will melt into a sticky mess after a few months in the sun.

Wiring Info & Wiring Diagram

This Bilge rocker switch has 3 terminals on the back:

  1. 12V input – terminal 2
  2. 12V output – terminal 3
  3. negative source – terminal 7

A hard copy of the wiring diagram will be shipped with this switch.  You can also find it in the product images above, or download a PDF wiring diagram here.


Contura Styles, Lenses and Colors:

This Bilge rocker switch is a Contura II style, as pictured above.  Contura II is the one with the small bumps on it.  We carry printed Contura II’s in red and blue lens options (selection from the menu above).

We also carry this label in Contura V style switch here.  The Contura V style includes a two-lamp switch, which allows a great backlighting effect for night readability.

Typical Use for a Bilge Rocker Switch:

Use this switch to power your bilge pump in manual mode.  A bilge pump is a pump that pumps water out of your bilge, which is the area between the deck and the hull where water tends to want to collect.  If you currently have a bilge pump switch that has both a manual and auto mode, you might want this switch instead.

6 reviews for Bilge

  1. Denis Glavin (verified owner)

    Your website is very good and easy to navigate. This was my first experience on your website and while I was only looking for boat switches you r variety of switch types was impressive. What i found very helpful was the wiring schematics for each switch.

  2. Thomas Waddington (verified owner)

    The switch arrived quickly and fit well within the housing for the existing Rule 3-way switch (that had failed). I wired the bigle as suggested on-line (12V out running to a spliced bilge and float wire) and though the bilge works as expected (manual or via float), the bilge light doesn’t come on in either case. Not really a big deal. The website was helpful and I also received useful installation advice during a brief phone call with support staff.

  3. Jeffrey Moran (verified owner)

    The switches were very well made and were very easy to read once they were installed.The website was very easy to use and contained a lot of information for a variety of products.

  4. Daniel McMillan (verified owner)

    I had an illumination problem with the switch. I emailed New Wire Marine and within a few minutes had a suitable response…and problem was resolved. A replacement was sent to me and about 3 days later I had the replacement switch and after installed, it works perfectly.

  5. Terry Lecompte (verified owner)

    overall switches seem to be made great. Bildge pump logo is a little hard to understand. great experience.

  6. Michael Jabour (verified owner)

    Quality as advertised.

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