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Lumitec Maxillume2 – High power flood light

The Maxillume2 is a blend of Lumitec’s two most popular and powerful flood lights. This high power flood light offers all the benefits of Caprera2 and CapreraLT combined. It is smaller, sleeker package, with higher output and a wider coverage area. Lumitec’s DeckSweep technology allows its radially asymmetric pattern to put light where you need it most. It delivers the light output equivalent to a 200-300 watts Halogen light, yet only uses 20% of the power.

Its sophisticated dimming feature is enabled by Lumitec’s Timed Toggled Protocol Technology without using external control boxes or specialized switches. It is installed like any 12 or 24VDC light using a standard 2-wire connection, and any standard on/off switch.

How does the TTP action work on this spreader light?  Upon initially activating the light it begins a slow ramp-up of cool white light output.  It ramps up from least bright to full 1000 lumen output over about 5 seconds.  As short interruption of power via a swift OFF, then ON of the switch stops the brightening and holds the ‘dimmed’ setting of the light.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, this spreader light is completely sealed and holds a waterproofing rating of IP67.


  • Lumens:  2100
  • TTP: Yes
  • 3rd Party Dimmable: No
  • Voltage: 10 – 30vDC
  • 12vDC Amps: 2.95 A
  • 24vDC Amps: 1.38 A
  • Correlated Color Temperature: 4500
  • Color Match Commitment: Yes
  • Color Rendering Index: 70+
  • Rated Watts: 36
  • Operating Temp (°F): -31 to + 131 F
  • Operating Temp (°C): -35 to +55 C
  • Width: 7.31″ (18.56cm)
  • Height: N/A
  • Depth: 2.92″ (7.42cm)


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