Product Description

Very cool panel-mount variable timer module.  Often found on boats and used as a livewell or aerator timer.

Marine-grade, and approved for boat use.  This variable livewell timer has a traditional looking knob, and mounts easily with a 3/8” drill bit in dash panels, or right into the fiberglass up to ¾” thick.

Unlike our aerator timer pod, this livewell timer knob contains the off switch.  A little click on the knob can turn the timer all the way to off, so there’s no need for a switch in series.

It comes with a sticker with graduated incremental design that that shows were OFF is, but you can also feel the click of the knob when it goes into the OFF position.

This aerator timer’s “ON” cycle is 30 seconds, and the “OFF” cycles varies from 0 to 5 ½ minutes.  So if you turn it all the way up, the livewell pump will run constantly.

The off setting is a physical break, so there is no parasitic drain.

This aerator timer knob has 0.250” Male Quick Connect terminals (a positive, and output and a negative), so all you’ll need to install is is a 3/8” drill bit and three of these Female Quick Connect Terminals.

Just drill the hole (adjust the spacing nuts to install), add a positive from your fuse or breaker, negative from your main bus bar, and output to your favorite livewell or aerator pump.

Our aerator timer knob does not only work on a pump… it will drive any 12V load under 10Amps, so if you had a reason to want to flash a light on and off for 30 seconds at a time, or something else – it will work fine for that too.

This is a Rig Rite 510 variable livewell timer knob.

You could also wire this in series with one of our possibly more attractive backlit rocker switches and hide the knob inside a glove box or somewhere else… still having variable livewell timing capability, but with a backlit switch.

Note, we also have a non-variable timer pod here.

Variable Livewell Timer Wiring Diagram