We stock a wide variety of marine grade switches for your boat.  From the classic toggle switch, to the popular Carling V-series rocker switch, to the new Bocatech push button switches.  All our switches are sealed waterproof and dustproof.  They are time tested, rugged and can all withstand the harsh marine environment.

With that being said, you may need some help wiring these switches. Below we have provided the information you will need to be able to get these switches wired up.

All switch diagrams from Rockers, Pushbuttons and Toggles.

Switch wiring diagrams based on the components you are controlling with the switch.

General wiring guides for backlighting, circuit breakers and more.  Spec sheets on every switch that we carry online.


We carry a variety of switches.  From Carling Rocker Switches to Bocatech Pushbuttons, we have all the diagrams you will need to get your switches up and running smoothly for your next trip out on the water.

Rocker Switches: Ensure you have the correct part number to match the switch you are trying to wire, we do have quite a few switches with similar pin-outs that require different wiring!

Push Buttons: Each manufacturer uses a specific color wire for something specific in these switches, whether you are using BlueWater, Bocatech or Carling, ensure you have the correct switch function and manufacture before using the diagram.

Toggle Switches: By far the easiest switches to the wire, ensure you have the right switch function before following the diagram all the way through.

If you are unsure of the switch diagram you need, reference the part number on your order or give our Customer Service Department a call.


Components are what you are operating with the switch. We have a wide variety of diagrams for components. When wiring up the components to the switches it is important to ensure that you are wiring the switch for the correct function of the component.

For Example, Trim Tabs are either Hydraulic or Electric. Electric trim tabs require Reverse Polarity wiring, while Hydraulic can be wired as normal. There are many different Trim Tabs out there, be sure to confirm with the Manufacture or check the spec sheet before wiring.

While we may not have specific diagrams for specific component manufacturers, you can still use the diagrams for the switches as a “general” guide.

General & Spec Sheets

We have many general diagrams to choose from that may be helpful in your wiring project. Our team of engineers has created a 13-page general boat wiring diagram. This diagram is for general use and non-specific scenarios. We also have general guides on wiring the backlit switches with circuit breakers or without, as well as general guides for the switches we carry.

While we can wire the Custom Dash Panels we create with the information given, it is best to confirm with a Marine Electrician if you have specific wiring questions. If you need someone in your area, check out our Local Installers page to find someone near you.

We know how important it is to make sure a product is going to work for you. We have listed all of the Spec Sheets for our switches and breakers in this section. We have also included hole cut sizes, how to cut our materials and more.

If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Department.