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Custom Switch/Dash Panel

Ready for a Custom
Dash or Switch Panel?

We’re no big-box store with 1,000’s of drop-ship products. We’re an American small business building incredible switch panels, and retailing select components we use ourselves, and love!

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“Just received my panels, they are PERFECT!!! Very happy. Very fast, just what I ordered. Why can’t more companies be as good as you guys.”

    James G., New York

We’ve built thousands of switch panels. Any make, model or brand.

Our Process:

1. Specifications

Talk your project over with one of our experienced panel estimators!

Our estimators are the best in the business, with years of boat and electrical knowledge to draw from.

Your estimator will discuss your goals, timeline and budget to develop a project scope that's right for you.

2. Design

Once a project scope is agreed to, this is when the fun starts!

Your new switch or dash panel will take shape as our CAD tech's create a scaled proof for your review!

Our designs can even be printed and cut out to test fit on your boat!

3. Production

After payment, your panel is precision cut, hand finished, and assembled by our expert staff.

Each machinists, assembly person, electrical tech, QA and manager we employ genuinely care about the success of each product.

4. Ship to You for Installation

Finally, your new dash product is securely packaged and shipped to you anywhere in the world.

We're always here for post delivery questions, but less than 1 out of 10 customers ever need that help, because we strive to make each panel as easy to install as possible.

or call:  (843) 297-8348

We’ve built over 10,000
switch panels in use all over the world

New Wire Marine is an American small business located in Charleston, SC.  Since 2010 we’ve built quality custom made marine switch, dash and gauge panels – and retailed a select number of on quality parts, that we use on our own boats.

We are known for quality products and excellent customer service.  We hand design, mill, etch and assemble OEM quality switch panels for our customers in our shop in Charleston, SC.

or call:  (843) 297-8348

Some of our recent work

What makes us different

Our goal is to be known for quality products and excellent customer service.

or call:  (843) 297-8348

Our Customers Love Their Panels


Fits great and looks awesome

I received the panel yesterday and it is way nicer than I ever expected it to come out. It fits great and looks awesome. Its going to be real nice to finally have a modern working panel again.

Could not be more pleased

Pam/Eric, We received our panels today and I wanted to say thank you, the work is top notch, I am very particular about electrical systems, especially on a boat and I could not be more pleased.

I knew I had the right place

From the initial phone and discussion with John, I knew I had the right place. Could not be happier with the end results. After many consultations they built the exact dash I wanted. The wiring was so well done, it was incredible. Customer support was great when I had questions during the install. If you want it done right, use new wire marine!!

Simply great service

Simply great service. I am a total newby to marine wiring and have taken on a substantial project. After the first interaction with New Wire Marine, I felt that I’d found my project partner, a group who can help me accomplish what I’ve set out to do. Great company!

…exceeded my expectations

New Wire Marine exceeded my expectations, delivering exactly what I wanted in very high quality. The process was very simple from start to finish. I highly recommend you upgrade your switch panel on your boat using New Wire Marine.

best customer service of any companies I deal with

By far the best customer service of any companies I deal with. They always are great with communication and always call you back. Super fast shipping. You can always count on New Wire Marine!

Can’t beat the prices or service!

You can’t do better than this company. I’ve used them for my own boat and for projects at work. Can’t beat the prices or service!

Fantastic products for your boat electrical needs

This place has fantastic products for your boat electrical needs and an even more fantastic staff. I used them to rewire and replace my old tired switch panel on a 2005 Sea Hunt. They provided the switches, panel, and switch covers. The rest I handled myself using their tutorial guides on their website. Very thorough and easy to understand. When one switch cover was incorrect I made a quick phone call and the correct one was in the mail that day. Very helpful and care about the customer. I definitely recommend and will use in the future for additions to our boat! You will not be disappointed in the product or staff.

Would definitely recommend and order from them again

The best customer service!!! My order was handled perfectly. Everything fit as the PDF said it would and all wires are labeled to match with the correct switch. I ended up having to make a change after I received my panels and and needed a new switch cover. Jeff listened to my needs and got what i needed out in the mail the same day. Would definitely recommend and order from them again

Highly recommended!

New Wire created a new dash panel with push buttons for my 2014 Tidewater. Talk about an upgrade, wow. I have had so many compliments on my dash panel. It’s been over two years and the panel still looks brand new. If you are looking to redo your dash, this is the group to do it with. Highly recommended!

My custom panel came out great and I could not be happier

Thank you New Wire Marine!! My custom panel came out great and I could not be happier. Initially, was a bit skeptical the a plastic panel would be strong enough for the application but the many wonderful reviews and responsive staff quickly quelled my concerns. The entire team at New Wire was very quick and prompt in their communication with me throughout the process. Even after changing my mind on a number of things and my initial design, they were very patient and eager to help. I consistently felt like they would do anything they could to make sure the panel I received was perfect for my taste and application. The initial proofs were easy to have printed to scale and used as templates to check fitment. And the final fitment of the panel could not have been more perfect. I actually increased the size of the panel to accommodate a touchscreen chart plotter and felt so confident with NWM that I actually cut the dash hole to size before I even received the panel. Thanks again!! Could not be happier!

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

It really does vary widely.  We’ve built $100 panels, and we’ve done $3,000+ projects.  The good news is, you’re very much driving the bus on this subject.  Our panel estimators will discuss your goals and budget early on in the process to make sure your project’s scope meets your needs and budget.

We can almost always find a solution that you are excited about, will improve your boat’s look & function and your increase your overall boating experience… affordably.  We’re here to help make sure your project is a success!


We can custom build a panel for pretty much any make/model boat. But we will need specs from you. There are several reasons for this:

  1. There are thousands and thousands of models out there, and often even the manufacturer themselves do not have the specs.
  2. Even the same make/model year could have a different panel depending on dealer options ordered way back when.
  3. Almost all our customers choose to modify the panel to suite their specific needs, so previous jobs likely have modifications you may not need/want.

If your custom project is not built according to the approved proof, then it’s replaced or repaired… for free… no questions asked.

If the panel was built in accordance with the proof – but you mis-measured, or approved it with the wrong unit hole, etc… then we always work with the customer to re-cut, remake or rebuild panels reusing as much of the old panel as possible at a fair rate and expedited lead time.

We ALSO have a quality satisfaction guarantee.  If you receive a custom panel from us, and are just plain not happy with the quality of the product received, and want to have it re-done elsewhere, you can return (within 10 days) for a full refund.  Can you imagine that!

Good question.  All we need to start is your Name, Email, Phone Number, Make/Model/Year and a picture of your dash/console.  From there one of our panel estimators will walk you through additional information as part of the Requirements Call.

Please take a minute to read though our Custom Switch Panel Buyer’s Guide for a lot more info on this subject – or better yet, click of of the “Get Quote Now” buttons on this page, or call: (843) 297-8348 to talk with someone right now.

If you purchased a product from us, out technical team will answer any questions you have about the product we built. We’re happy to also help with simple wiring questions and troubleshooting issues over the phone, but our products are built to be so easy to install… less than 10% of our customers have any questions at all after receiving the panel.

We do NOT install panels though, we are exclusively a manufacturer.  If you need installation help, discuss this with your panel estimator when you call – and we’ll check to see if we can refer anyone in your area.  Regardless, our panels should be very easy to install for your go-to marine electrician or mechanic.

or call:  (843) 297-8348

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