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22mm Bluewater Combo

Includes switch body, actuator, connector & wire leads

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Product Description

22mm Bluewater Switch Combo

Note, this bilge combo comes with our “blocking diode” harness assembly that protects your house bus from powered up when your float switch floats, while the switch is not powered up.  We default to this because many bilge pumps also have a switch in parallel with a separate supply (which is often on a 24hr circuit).

This is a necessary feature if your bilge has a float switch.  It will not hurt anything if you don’t have a float switch, but if you prefer not to have the blocking diode assembly, you can always purchase the three parts separately here:  Switch bodySwitch ActuatorSwitch Connector.

Our Bluewater 22mm “switch combos” contain everything you need to install this switch.  They are a four part switch containing:

  1. Switch Base
  2. Switch Label Insert
  3. Blue Connector
  4. 4ft Harness Assembly w/ blocking diode

This little switch is just packed full of innovations, including:

  • 20A rated solid state transistor driven design
  • IP69K Waterproof
  • 12V and 24Vdc Rating in one
  • Solid milled 316 Stainless Steel body
  • Removable back connector
  • Weep holes for drainage
  • Interchangeable labeled insert
  • Blue backlighting w/ red indication

Bluewater push buttons have pushed the limits on panel style and design.  The laser etched inserts allow a truly customizable solution to your dash panel customization needs.


Bluewater switches come with a variety of switch functions available.  Like, ON-OFF, (ON)-OFF, ON-OFF-ON, Dimmer, and more.  The “standard” function that is included with each 22mm Bluewater push button switch combo is shown in the section product photo above.

Switch and Dash Panels:

Did you know we also make complete, custom switch and dash panels for our customers?  We’d love to work with you on a larger project that includes these awesome switches, feel free to contact us for more info, call: (843) 297-8348, or complete the eRFQ here for more info.


Bluewater switch combos come with color coded wire leads as shown below:

  • Red – Positive Input – 4ft
  • Brown – Positive Output – 4ft
  • Black – Negative – 4ft
  • Blue – Backlight Trigger – 4ft

It is typical on a panel to daisy-chain the negatives and backlight triggers across a bank of switches.  This is why these leads are shorter. Some switch functions (a “Nav/Anc” for example) may have an additional wire lead.  A wiring diagram for all bluewater switches will ship with your order.


This switch lights up blue, illuminating the labels when it is on.  It lights up red when the switch is currently on.  Day or night.


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