Meters and Gauges

You can’t see electricity.  So get the sensors and meters you need to keep a sharp eye on the status of your electrical system. We’ve got the gauges to keep you covered

OLED Mini-Voltmeter
Mini boat voltmeter
OLED Mini-Ammeter
Blue Sea 1732 Ammeter OLED

All Meters, Gauges, and Monitoring Products

  • boat voltmeter waterproof
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  • boat ammeter rear marine ammeter - panel mount on boat
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  • boat ammeter rear blue sea 1741 temp meter
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Voltage and Current Monitoring Meters

There are two primary bits of information that indicate the status and rate of change of your electrical system, which is displayed on:

  1. Voltmeters, and
  2. Ammeters

Voltmeters display of course voltage.  In this application, the voltage is useful because it shows the level of charge of your battery.  A 12V (nominal) battery will top off somewhere around 13.5V, and be fairly well discharged by the time it drops much below 11.5V or so.  Variation within that rough range tells you the state of charge.

You can also use a voltmeter to indicate the output of your boat’s alternator.  14V or even 14.5V when the alternator is running would be normal.

A switch panel wired to a terminal block

Switch panel showed wired to one of our 30A terminal blocks