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DC SoC Battery Gauge


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M2 DC OLED Meter

12V DC / 24V DC / 48V DC


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Product Description

OLED DC SoC Battery Gauge

Any boat electrical system can be made better by adding our DC State-of- Charge Battery Gauge. This  DC SoC Battery Gauge monitors charged voltages and current your consuming and charging on your boat. It measures up to 3 voltages and 1 current as well as support programmable shunt ratios.

Its OLED display technology uses a very small amount of current but provides a high contrast resolution ratio. Displays are very visible during daytime with an auto-dimming feature for nighttime use.

Designed with 92dB alarms when in high current, high/low Voltage and low battery.

Ip66 rated as “dust tight” and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water with various mounting options.


  • Meter: Current State-of-Charge Voltage
  • Function: 8 to 70V to 5000A (500A with the included shunt)
  • Alarms: High Current, High/Low Voltage, Low Battery
  • Display Size: 55mm x 28mm
  • Input Voltage: 7-70V DC
  • Maximum Power Consumption:1.00Watt
  • Minimum Power Consumption: 0.3 Watt

Dimensioned Drawing

Installation Guide

Mounting Diagram



What We Like About the Blue Sea 1830 State-of-Charge Battery Gauge:

  • Accurately measures and monitors State-of-Charge of 1 bank
  • Measures 3 voltages and 1 current
  • Supports programmable shunt ratios
  • External relay activation



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