Rocker switches rock!  Seriously.  Our marine rocker switches are perfect for 12Vdc power distribution on your boat.  We carry all genuine Carling Technologies switches.  Carling’s V-series is the top-of-the-line marine rocker switch.  We stock all the common marine labels printed or etched onto the switch itself.  Thousands of boats sport Contura switches, and we carry a full lineup of both Contura II and Contura V styles.

Marine Rocker Switches - contura II style with switch base and cover

From: $12.99

Printed Contura II Switch Base and Cover (combo)

marine rocker switches covers or actuator - contura II style shown


Printed Contura II Style Cover Separately

Contura V style marine rocker switches combos (switch and actuator)

From: $19.99

Etched/Backlit Contura V Style Base and Cover (combo)

Contura V style actuator with marine based labels etched with a laser


Etched Contura V Style Cover Separately

Carling rocker switch bodies sold separately from cover. Switch body shown with blue lights

From: $6.50

Rocker Base/Bodies Separately

As Low As $44.95

Quick Order Kits


Design Your Own Custom Cover

From: $21.99

Etched/Backlit Contura XIV Style Base and Cover (combo)


Etched Contura XIV Covers Only (allows illumination)

Two-Part Marine Rocker Switches

Carling’s contura line has two parts:

  1.  A switch body or base
  2.  A switch cover or actuator

They are all interchangeable with each other for different aesthetic styling.  For a complete switch replacement you obviously need both.  But if your switches work fine, then just a new cover should do the trick.

Contura II and V are interchangeable with each other.  The only difference is the cover (actuator) styling.

Printed Contura II’s

Contura II style are rectangular in shape, and have small textured bumps on the cover.  We have over 55 boating related (and some not necessarily related) labels pre-printed onto the covers.  They are a great upgrade for the older contura III style with 6 horizontal lines.

We stock them with both a red and blue lens (window) in them.  They are screen printed marine rocker switches with durable UV resistant ink.

We only use the hard plastic type… not the “soft grip” type that melts after time in the sun and makes a huge mess.

low beer alarm rocker switch - new wire marine
Contura V style actuator backlit in blue

Etched Contura V’s

Our etched Contura V style are slightly oval in shape.  We laser etch this style in house, and have over 60 label options AND can custom etch them to order (really cool right?)

Being laser etched vice printed, these marine rocker switches look truly spectacular when backlit at night.  Plus being etched, there is no ink to ever wear off.

Contura V switches can be placed onto white, red or blue lighted switch bodies to match the look and feel of your boat.

How to Replace Your Rocker Switch Covers

Replacing your boat’s rocker switch covers with our new printed contura II or laser etched contura V switch caps is extremely easy.  In the video below we show that in just a minute or two you can transform your boat’s switch panel appearance with new covers.

Our contura V covers also have a dramatic improvement in readability at night with our new ‘subtractive’ laser etching technology.  See a full writeup of the difference between the switch cap types here.

This simple actuator removal tool makes replacing your boat’s switch covers the easiest boat project you’ll do this year.