We stock a wide variety of marine-grade switches for your boat.  From the classic toggle switch to the popular Carling V-series rocker switch to the new Bocatech push button switches.  All our switches are sealed waterproof and dustproof.  They are time-tested, rugged and can all withstand the harsh marine environment.

Carling Marine grade switches shown for use on a boat
printed rocker switches

From: $12.99

Printed Contura II Switch Base and Cover (combo)

Printed contura II switch actuator covers
printed rocker covers


Printed Contura II Style Cover Separately

marine grade illuminated rocker switches - backlit for night readability and genuine Carling
etched rocker switches

From: $19.99

Etched/Backlit Contura V Style Base and Cover (combo)

laser etched rocker switch covers
etched rocker covers


Etched Contura V Style Cover Separately

sealed rocker switch bodies. Carling contura rocker switch base - blue lights
Rocker Bodies

From: $6.50

Rocker Base/Bodies Separately

bocatech switches - push button resettables with LED ring
push buttons

From: $65.00

Stainless Steel Pushbuttons

carling toggle switches
toggle switches

From: $7.99

Stainless Steel Toggle Switches

Carling rocker switch removal tool, mounting bracket and other accessories
switch accessories

From: $1.99

Accessories For All Switch Types

Custom Covers

From: $12.00

Design Your Own Custom Cover!

Carling Rocker Switches:

Carling is the gold standard in boating rocker switches.  These sealed marine-grade Contura switches are waterproof and dustproof.  They can be found on thousands of boats all over the world, and have been time-tested for decades.  If you’re looking for replacement switches for your boat, more than likely this is what you need.

These awesome marine grade switches come in two parts: 1. the switch base (body), and 2. the switch cover (actuator).  Often if your current switches function fine, but the labels have worn off, all you need is the cover to make them look new again.

We carry two styles: Contura II, and Contura V.  Contura II are pre-printed, and illuminate only when the switch is ON as an indicator light.  Contura V is laser etched in-house, and with the appropriate switch body, these can be made to backlight for true night readability.

Bocatech Push Button Switches:

For years we never picked up a push button switch because we could not find one we could confidently recommend.  That’s until Bocatech Inc reached out to us with their new line of solid-state, stainless steel, lighted marine grade switches.  These switches look stunning in a panel: truly modern look and clean flush mount finish.

They are IP67 waterproof and contain build-in circuit protection, so no more messy fuse blocks.  These Bocatech mini push button switches are available in 5A, 10A, 15A, and 20A resettables, as well as a new Nav/Anc variant and a 2-Circuit variant.

Marine Grade Toggle Switches:

The classic: toggles have been on boats for many decades because they are dependable and easy to install marine-grade switches.  Ours are Genuine Carling Technologies toggles, sealed IP68 waterproof.

They have a stainless steel shank and actuator, and we stock waterproof boots that seal the panel holes.  Super easy to install with a 1/2″ drill bit these marine-grade toggle switches are perfect to add a switch as needed here or there.

Find all Bocatech switches available here (both resettable and non-resettable).