Commercial Customers

In addition to B2C sales, we also work with service and repair centers on one-off jobs and boat builders for OEM production runs.


We have over 100 dealers that install our panels nationwide. Our switch/dash panels provide a better quality product that lets you focus on your core local business.

Who We’re Looking For:

We are currently looking for new dealers in some areas who:

  • Do quality marine electrical work
  • Are customer service focused
  • Have an established order history with us Factory Direct
  • Are committed to become educated about our products
  • Commit to promoting our products in their area

Give us a call, or complete the contact form below for more info.

Co-Op Retail Packages Available

Have a service desk or retail space? We’ve got several advertising material options including a countertop demo panel, posters, a book of example panels, banners, pull-ups, etc to help you start the conversation with your customers about a new switch or dash panel.

Volume Based Pricing

We already have competitive Factory Direct pricing. All preferential pricing comes with established order history (not the first project).

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Boat Builders

We build panels for many small to midsized, quality and service focused boat builders.

An Incredible Product

Our laser etching capabilities allow for some super awesome looking panel boards (including backlit logos) and we can even customize some of our switches with your branding or logo… with no minimum volume! We only stock quality parts like genuine Carling Technologies rocker switches, and never try and sell you cheap knock-offs.

Lead Times

We can turn your panels around quickly. Average lead time on a prototype is about 4 weeks. Production runs less than 6 weeks. We’re not the type to sit on a PO, and we measure our production lead in weeks… not months.


Having our roots in one-off B2C panel building, we think you’ll find our customer service and adaptiveness to change to be a refreshing contrast to your experience with some of our exclusively B2B counterparts. Part changes, improvement suggestions, “can I get one by Friday” requests… no problem. At any time you can pick up the phone and talk to the engineer who designed your panel, or the person who sent the invoice, or the tech who assembled it.

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