Our illuminated rocker switches feature stunning night readability.  Laser technology allows text and ISO symbol to radiate light where etching has occurred.  Double lamp switches illuminate the switch function and provide an indicator.  Sealed waterproof as always.

illuminated rocker switches - etched contura V style. Blue LED lighting shown on rocker switch
Illuminated Switches

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Backlit & Illuminated Rocker Switches

laser etched covers - incredible switch backlighting and readability at night.
Rocker Cover Only


Etched Covers Only (allows illumination)

Carling contura rocker switch base. Rocker switch body shown with blue lights
Switch body/base only

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Carling Switch Bodies Separately

Cover Kits

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Quick order kits of 5, 10, 15 or 21 w/ tool!

Custom Cover

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Design Your Own Custom Cover!

New to Illuminated Rocker Switches?

The Benefit
How They Work
Replace Just the Cover?

The Benefit – Night Readability

Ink Printed Switches Will Wash Out in the Dark

We have no beef with printed rocker switches.  We sell them, they work great and are easy to read in the daytime.  But, it is what it is… ink printed over a lens.  As the ambient light decreases the ink will always be washed out by the switch lighting.

Etched Switches Illuminate Perfectly at Night

We use laser technology to engrave our illuminated rocker switches… they are not printed with ink.  There is no lens, the engraving actually becomes the lens itself.  Allowing only what is etched to glow.

The result is spectacular night readability.

The result is spectacular night readability.  It is vastly superior to printing when it comes to ability to see the labels in the dark.

printed switches are not readable at night. The ink washed out.
our laser etched switches backlight at night and are truly night readable

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How They Work

laser etched switches allow a night readability with illuminated rocker switches

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Different Covers – Different Process

We start with a special blank Contura V style cover, made specifically to be laser etched.  We precisely cut away the top layer, revealing the translucent actuator base material.

Whatever has been etched illuminates when the lamp in the switch body comes on.  Etchings are also clearly visible during the day.

Different Switches: Most Have One Light Only

Most printed covers are placed on a switch body with only one light.  The light is “dependent” meaning it comes on as an indicator when the switch is ON only.

This works fine as an indicator, but you need a second light in the switch if you want illuminated rocker switches that are readable in the dark

printed switches only have one lamp, which is dependent upon the switch position
illuminated rocker switches have two lamps. One independent backlight at top, and one dependent indicator light at bottom.

Different Switches: We Use Two Light Switches

Our illuminated rocker switches have two lamps.  One is an independently triggered light… a “backlight”  This is generally triggered by your navigation lights, and illuminates the whole bank of switch labels.

Illuminates the whole bank of switch labels

There is an extra terminal on each switch that’s used to trigger the backlights.

The result:

A perfectly night readable switch panel.  Upgrading to custom switches is an excellent improvement to an existing panel.

Only one more connection is needed per switch.

boat panel showing illuminated rocker switches triggered by navigation lights

Can I Only Replace My Covers?

Yes, you could just replace the covers, and will have a much more readable switch. However, if you’re replacing printed rocker switch covers it’s likely you will only have one light in the switch.

Without the separate – independently triggered lamp, they will only illuminate when the switch is on.  You’ll have greatly improved readability for the switches that are on at any given time.

See our video below that shows how easy and quick it is to replace you boat’s switch covers with this easy to use tool.