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Before and After

Below is a small collection of customer submitted install shots and testimonials.  We run a monthly Before and After Contest where the winner receives top of the line Lumitec Spreader Light.  Please see also our panel projects page for more examples.

To get started with a design of your own, please see our Online Buyer’s Guide for an overview of the process, and Contact Us if you have any questions at all.

1. Edge Water Rocker Switch Panel

This customer wanted to replace their old Edge Water Switch Panel with a nice new one containing Genuine Carling Rocker switches. The first thing to note about the rocker between the new and old panel is that they are now Night Readable as shown illuminated on the AFTER image.

…replace their old Edge Water Switch Panel…

By laser etching the opaque top layer of the rocker switch, we are able reveal the translucent core material.  Only what is etched illuminates, making a stunningly readable switch in the early morning or after dusk cruising.

Another important feature on the new panel is not being limited by available label options. The BEFORE picture shows switches without labels, the labels are directly on the panel. If you want to change a switch you either need to change the whole panel or get used to incorrect labels.


2. Pursuit Instrument Panel

The gauge panel on this Pursuit really helped to bring this dash together.  Not only does the logo really pop, but the customer was able to upgrade his displays without having to re-fiberglass this Pursuit’s helm.

The added logo gives the dash a more striking appearance.

…highlighted Pursuit boat logo…

The sharp white carbon fiber panel material.  really make this panel stand out.   Not only has the appearance improved on the new panel but the customer was able to save a ton on the swap from an old Furuno to a new Garmin MFD.

Pursuit Switch PanelPursuit After Switch Panel


“Proofs and revisions were back quickly and easy to understand. Everything was shown as requested and drawn up in the building tool on the site. Great quality and presentation. I made a mistake and did not review ALL dimensions on openings and missed a step. The guys at New Wire Marine were awesome. They provided multiple solutions and resolved my issue immediately. The process and proofs are simple and very used friendly. The help and support provided through the process is consistent and very professional.”

-Ozem, R.  Apopka, FL

3. South Port Gauge and Rocker Panel

The customer used this panel to completely update the helm on their South Port, add new gauges, new Simrad units and most importantly backlit rocker switches with resetable circuit breakers.

Unlike the old panel’s toggle switches, the rocker switch labels are etched on the cover and not on the panel. This gives the owner the flexibility of changing the switch labels as often as he wants using our switch cover removal tool.  The built-in indicator lights save space and are very visible during the day and the backlit feature gives it a stunning night readability.

Another feature is the reset-able circuit breakers in the panel. These are easy to reset and saves a lot of install time on this customer’s part.

reset-able breakers for a much easier install…

The added black etched logo stand out on this panel. The additional pre-cut hole for his Simrad makes this customer able to install the MFD’s.

BeforeSouth Port Rocker Switch Panel
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4. Sea Fox Rocker Switch Panel

By changing from toggle switches to rocker switches with built-in indicator lights on this Seafox visually shows the on condition of each switch.  Which cuts down the time your eyes spend searching the helm, vice watching the water ahead.

Visible built-in indicator lights for added safety… 

Not to mention the printed rocker switch is the most economical choice when it comes to rocker switches and definitely a step up from unlit toggle switches.

These printed rockers switches are IP68 rated so it’s very suitable for this customer’s application.

Waterproofing compliant…

Also, note that another panel was added to accommodate all the switches. Incorporating an accessory into the panel saves space and the red horn switch was added to easily identify it’s function from the rest of the switches in the panel.

try our E-Panel build tool
Custom switch panel Review New Wire Marine


“I am very excited for this new addition to the boat, therefore the sooner the better! Thanks so much for your help with this process, I love working with your company…you guys have been kind, understanding & extremely responsive. These things are very hard to find in any company/industry in this world we live in today! So for that, thank you so much and I am looking forward to seeing the proofs!”

-Ryan, R.  Sewell, NJ

5. Chaparral Switch and Ignition Panel

This customer designed his new switch and ignition panel for his Chaparral in our E-Panel Builder. He took the option of a proof to make sure the new panel matches his old one.

Designed this panel using our E-Panel tool

He rearranged and added a new switch and upgraded it to the backlit rocker switch. He’s no longer limited to the label’ed screen printing on his panel.

The backlit feature will now give him the benefit of having a night readable switch.

Note that his switch upgrade will give him the flexibility of choosing the functionality of his switches as our rocker switches.

The black material matches everything and even though it doesn’t contrast with his boat’s dash, it still stands out with the backlit switches.



“The entire process of designing a relatively simple panel went super smooth! Had two questions during the process and my emails were answered in 25 hrs or less! Can’t ask or expect more in the way of customer service with this company!”

-Allen, G.  Plantation, FL

whaler switch panel testimonial

6. Chaparral Horizontal Switch Panel

Same customer and boat, this Chaparral switch panel shows the flexibility of our laser etched rocker switches which can be designed for a horizontal placement if required by the size/shape of the dash.

Nearly unlimited switch label customization…

Unlike the printed rocker switches their literally is no ink to eventually wear off.  They are marked by a computer controlled laser making a stunningly readable switch in the early morning or after dusk cruising.

These genuine Carling Rocker switches are dependable dry contact switches that don’t fail because they have fewer points of failure compared to cheap knock-offs.

Genuine Carling switches, no knock-offs…

The addition of the Red Horn switch is a common choice so that it can be seen quickly at first glance when needed.

There’s no doubt this customer’s panel upgrade improved the appearance of his Chaparral.

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whaler switch panel testimonial


“New Wire Marine made me the switch panels, the vhf panel, and etched circuit breaker panel and another panel for a rocker switch in a different location. As you can see the stuff looks great in the dash and blends well. I changed the color of the dash from tan to gray and wet sanded and buffed the paint to a flawless finish. Modded the dash to also fit a 7” raymarine axiom mfd. So after some struggles finding a solution New Wire Marine saved the day and my dash project is finally ready to go. Good stuff!”

-Gerad K. Weedsport, NY

7. Angler Rocker Switch Panel 

As part of a hull overhaul on his an Angler, this customer recruited us for the main dash upgrade… a new switch panel. The panel no longer has labels locking the owner into those specific loads.  We now have the flexibility to easily change out his backlit rocker switch labels.

The backlit rocker switches were laser etched making it a night readable switch compared to his old panel. Having said that, since it’s not printed, the labels won’t wear off and is suitable for any type of application.

laser etched for better nighttime illumination…


Another feature on the panel are the resetable circuit breakers. Without these breakers, this customer would have have to install literally twice the number of wires to the panel. It saved him a lot of install time and are great economical choice compared to a fuse block.

The addition of accessories to the new panel gives it more functionality. Both components are marine grade with quality rubber seals.

USB charger and 12V socket are marine grade splash-proof…

The added Angler white Logo stands out on a Carbon Fiber finish.


“You guys have been nothing but helpful. I’m a new boat owner and sometimes people can make you feel like an idiot, New Wire Marine has not. Advice is on point, interaction is respectful, and costs are fair. Thank you!”

– Steve M. West End, NC

whaler switch panel testimonial

8. Custom Dash Panel with Swtiches

This entire dash re-fit included some lower fiberglass work, and some SeaDeck padding.   Our contribution to the project was the black dash panels, with custom etched rocker switches.

Incorporating the switches and the instrument cutout in one panel saved space on this customer’s dash and has the advantage of backlit rockers that can be used easily at night.

The customization feature of these backlit switches gave this customer the benefit to easily modify any label he may need in the future without the need to re-do anything on the dash.

Since these are genuine Carling rockers, these switches are highly dependable and can be exposed to the elements.

IP68 Submersion Certified…

This customer opted for a plain black panel which stands out well on the white fiberglass, and looks nice with the new Simrads.

whaler switch panel testimonial


“The service on my order was prompt and correct and your selection is outstanding. The answer to my question which was asked on a Saturday was available to me on Sunday when I checked but was not expecting it till Monday. So great service you people,the service guaranties my loyalty. Thanks!”

-Brian M. BC, Canada

9. Regulator Dash and Switch Panel Replacement

This was a great overhaul of the entire panel on this Regulator submitted to us by Chris A, of Strong Marine in FL.  Not only did Chris swap our his customer’s electronics, but his switches and breakers as well.

The main cause of accidents in 2017 was operator inattention, so with new backlit switches, you no longer need to get distracted by not being able to find a switch or fumbling around in the dark. The built-in indicator lights are very visible and with the backlit feature, this owner can now clearly read the switches in the early morning or after dusk cruising.

The customizable switch labels gave this customer the ability to change out his switch covers labels easily and the laser etched covers means there’s no ink to ever wear off.

This complete dash assembly had pre-cut holes for his electronics to mount.  Chris was able to drop the new Garmin and Fusion units into pre-cut precisoion milled instrument cutouts.

A contrasting matte black panel looks great against the white fiberglass on this Regulator.



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10. Hydra-Sports Helm Upgrade

The switch, and gauge panel replacement on this Hydra-Sports is a great example of a complete dash assembly upgrade. Compared to the before photo, this customer consolidated the switches into the instrument panel. This saved space under the customer’s helm and gave him more visibility of both his switches and displays.

Unlike the old panel on this Hydra Sport his switches are no longer limited to the labels on his panel.  He can easily swap out and even customize as needed in the future.

Note how the old toggle switches on the old panel did not have any indicator lights, and the writing was wearing off. By upgrading to the rocker switches, this customer can easily see visually which switch is on and what load it’s operating.  The backlit feature of this switch adds safety when cruising at night.

Another benefit of these switches is the flexibility of choosing the desired illumination intensity.   These are also marine grade and are protected from harmful contact with dust and protected from immersion in the water with a depth of more than a meter. Very suitable for this customer’s boat.

Switch backlight intensity chosen by a marine dimmer

Overall, this customer’s panel is neatly tailored to his specific requirements.

11. Carver Cruiser Yacht Dash Panel

This customer ordered 3 separate small switch and dash plates to update the look of his cruising yacht’s helm.  They really take this old Carver into the 21st century.  Two of his old panels were upgraded with rocker switches – backlit in clue – and another included a blue a backlit logo. 

The after photo shows the stunning illumination of the backlit switches and how much more functional they are at night.

Also, note that this customer will now have over 100,000 hours average runtime on these blue LED switches, which may take him into the 22nd century.

over 100,000 hours MTBF on these LEDs…

Unlike the old panel, these genuine Carling switches have easy to change labels, and the striking blue 

The switches on this customer’s panel have different functions. Our switch function availability allows us to meet this customer’s requirement.

The edgy backlit logo absolutely enhanced the aesthetics of this panel – we vectorized it off of the graphic painted onto the transom.

12. Edgewater Instrument Panel

Vlad needed a large dash panel for his Edgewater center console refit – so he turned to us to help make sure his new electronics would fit.

The instrument cutouts enabled him to replace three older units with 2 large Simrad displays.  The white Edgewater logo in the center, set the job off nicely in contrast to the black panel material.

This customer opted for the matte black material which goes well with these instruments. This simple panel really came out great.

matte black looks good near instruments with black bezels…

This 15 year old Edgewater looks brand new now!


13. Sundance Skffs Rocker Panel

This is a fairly simple panel we made for this customer’s Sindance boat, and he upgraded to our backlit switches – one of our most popular upgrades

He can now easily see and read his switches in the dark. Unlike the old panel, he’s no longer confined or limited to a particular label and can easily change out switch labels as often as he needs.

These IP68 rated rockers are protected from dust contact and are also waterproofed. This customer will never have to worry about his panel failing because we only use Genuine Carling Switches.

Another feature to note on his new panel are the breakers.  These are reset-able and saves a lot of time installing this panel. We inserted the breakers in between the switches because of the panel height and it really came out looking nice.

This panel really looks good on the black carbon fiber finish.

sundance skill switch panel - BEFOREsundance skill switch panel - AFTER

14. Mako Switch and Gauge Panel

The switch and gauge panel upgrade for this Mako boat is a good example of a combination of classic and modern design.

The new backlit switches are awesome, the Nav Lights triggers all the backlights making it a truly night readable switch. Another feature to note is the switch labels, these are customizable which allows us to meet just about any customer switch label requirement.

Reset-able breakers were added as well to make this panel as turn key as possible. Not only that, this customer saved some coin with this option rather than using a fuse block for circuit protection.

Also, note that a 17 switch panel could have looked strange on this Mako, but it was designed with symmetry and utility. The etching and how it was laid out made it beautiful. Notice how the Mako Marine logo is used in a unique way, combined with a pinstripe for a contemporary take on a classic boat.

A red horn was also added to make it easy to spot from the rest of the switches.

The black gauge panel contrast well with the white switch panel. Rearranging the gauges on the new panel gave his dash a more tailored clean look.



After, Illuminated:

illuminated mako switch panel

15. Intrepid Toggle to Bocatech Upgrade

This was a full 180 upgrade from dated looking toggle switches to LED push button switches. Unlike the toggles, switching to these push buttons will keep this customer from accidentally turning his switches on – an issue he help having on his Intrepid.

The new panel’s 19mm push button by Bocatech have built-in solid-state switching which allows a whopping 20A capacity in such a small form factor.

Available from 5a, 10A, 15A, or 20A resettable.

A great feature of the resettable Bocatech switch variation is its built-in circuit protection.  Once the switch senses currents above the 20A, it will open the output, shutting down the load and the LED ring.  Identical operationally to an external fuse or circuit breaker.  To ‘reset’ the switch simply wait a few seconds, then press it on again.  If it continues to trip, then there is a fault that needs to be cleared first.

Another benefit of a New Wire Marine pre-assembled push button panel is the ability for OEM quality switch labeling application. These backlit labels are now much easier to read in the dark, as they will illuminate.

16. Another Intrepid Switch Panel

Another Intrepid panel upgrade, this time from toggle switches to printed rocker switches and circuit breakers.  This is an economical choice compared to the etched rockers but is definitely a step up from the toggle switches – and much easier to change the labels.

The easy to change switch labels gave them more flexibility than panel etchings like in the prior example. Unlike the toggles, the new rocker switches have a built-in light indicator to easily see which switch is on.

These rockers are printed with durable UV stabilized ink on a hardcover so this customer didn’t have to worry about it melting in the hot sun.

no sticky mess in the sun or heat…

The re-settable breakers gave him the advantage of not having to carry spare fuses and saved quite a bit of install time.  This customer also took the opportunity to add a USB Charger and update their 12 V plug.

He also opted to highlight his boat logo which came out nice on our new Cobalt Carbon material.

Overall this switch panel upgrade is an easy and affordable way to update the look of this customer’s dash.

17. 360 Commodore Switch Panel

This 360 Commodore panel originally had printed rocker switches and opted to upgrade to the etched backlit switches. The backlit feature gave them the benefit to clearly read their switches during the day as well as the ability to read them at night.  This is possible because of our unique laser etching technology.

Laser etching removes the opaque top layer allowing all etching to illuminate – creating a stunningly readable switch in dusk or total dark conditions.

Another advantage of this customer’s upgrade is he can easily change his switch labels and can now use any label he wants because of the rocker switch customization feature.

These genuine Carling, marine grade rocker switches are protected from harmful dust and water ingress and are IP68 waterproofed compliant. Their new panel has dependable dry contact switches that don’t fail because they have fewer points of failure.

This customer opted for red horn switch to easily spot it from the rest of the switches on his panel.

Horn switches are available in red or black

Clearly, this upgrade improved the appearance of this customer’s panel and made it looked new again.

18. Custom Dash Panel with Switches

This entire dash re-fit included an upgrade to our printed rocker switches and a new gauge panel, and updated electronics.

Incorporating the switches and the instrument cutout into the port side panel saved space on this customer’s dash and the upgrade to our printed rocker switch is an economical choice compared to the backlit rocker switches. The built-in indicator lights make it easier for this customer to identify which switch is in use.

The simple to change labels gives this customer the flexibility to change switches in the future.

available in over 60 different lables…

Since these are genuine Carling rockers, these switches are highly dependable and can be exposed to the elements.

IP68 Submersion Certified…

The new gauge panel on the right gives a sleek look and the glossy black C/F  finish really stands out well against the white dash. The new switch panel with instrument cutouts allows this happy customer to better position his displays to be easier to see.


Printed rocker switch panel