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Deckhand Dimmer – 12V, 6A


12V, 6A, Deckhand Dimmer

Blue Sea Systems 7506

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Product Description

Deckhand Dimmer – 6A

This is the absolute best marine-grade waterproof dimmer module we’ve found to date.  Waterproof and potted our deckhand dimmer allows dimming from OFF to 100% brightness of any 2-wire light without a built-in dimming feature.

Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) instead of resistive dimming means it can dim LED lighting, incandescent, and halogen lights, or even all at the same time!

We also love that we can control the deckhand dimmer module with one of our awesome rocker switches that will match all your others!  The dimmer comes with a rocker switch in the package as well, which will fit a standard Contura cutout like our pre-designed rocker switch mounting plates.

We often use this dimmer to control the backlights in our illumined rocker switches (especially blue, which can get quite bright)… and works great to have the dimmer’s remote control switch match the other switches in the panel.

Deckhand Dimmer Features:

  • Works with LED and incandescent lighting
  • Memory – on startup recalls the last setting
  • 0% to 100% brightness
  • Exit illumination time delay (adjustable)
  • Works with New Wire Marine (ON)-OFF-(ON) rocker switches
  • Minimal parasitic current draw of only 2mA (0.002 Amps)
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waterproof dimmer

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Easy to Wire

Five color-coded wires make installing our dimmer super simple:

  1. Positive input (red)
  2. Negative input (black)
  3. Output (blue)
  4. 12V+ Brighter Control Signal
  5. 12V+ Dimmer Control Signal

The module is remote-controlled by a simple 12V+ signal into the grey or white wire.  A simple (ON)-OFF-(ON) rocker switch is provided for this, or you can substitute one of our rocker switches to match!

Potted Waterproof

Made as a marine-grade dimmer, our dimmer module is potted waterproof.  The molded wire leads have no exposed metal connections to corrode and deteriorate in the harsh marine environment.

This dimmer is made for use on a boat.

waterproof dimmer
waterproof dimmer

Exit Time Delay

Our boat light dimmer comes with an exit timer feature built-in!  It allows you to safely exit the boat at night while the lights are on, then automatically turns them off after a set time.

Hold the bright (up) position on the rocker switch until it reaches full brightness, and continue to hold for 2 seconds.  The lights being controlled by the dimmer will begin to flash slowly.  Simply release the switch after one flash for a 1-minute timer.

Continue holding the switch for up to 5 flashes for up to a 5-minute timer.

Small Form Factor

At only 3″ x 3 1/2″ our deckhand waterproof dimmer does not take up much space under your dash.  Two screws securely hold the dimmer in place, and since it’s remote-controlled, can be installed in any convenient location.

The opposing mounting flanges allow the nesting of multiple dimmers right next to each other, so you can control several lights of different brightnesses.

waterproof dimmer

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