Genuine carling rocker switches in contura II style.  Contura II is the type with small round bumps and a lens at the top.  We carry all the common boat legends pre-printed onto the cover.  Choose from the entire switch, or buy the covers or bodies separately.

Contura II rocker switches with labeled cover shows as a combo unit

From $12.99

Carling Contura II Switch With Cover

contura II labeled carling rocker switches - covers only


Carling Contura II Cover Separately

Carling contura rocker switch base. Rocker switch body shown with blue lights

From: $6.50

Carling Switch Body Separately

See Also, our etched contura V’s for improved night readability:

illuminated rocker switches

Etched Contura V’s for stunning backlit switches

Carling Rocker Switches

Carling Contura II’s are a great looking switch style.  A real improvement over contura III’s they feature a nice appearance and strong illumination through the square upper lens.  We carry them with red and blue lenses.

Our contura II’s are printed with crisp, white, UV resistant ink.  They contain both the ISO symbol over the lens, and clear and legible text directly under the lens.

We stock over 55 marine labels for this common Carling rocker switch.  At less than $5.00 each new labeled rocker switch covers are a great way to make your boat’s dash look new again.