Contura II Actuators (covers)

Our Contura II printed switch covers are an easy and affordable way to make your dash look new again.

  • UV Resistant & durable ink
  • < 10 seconds to change out
  • Standard Contura Size / Fit
  • Hard Plastic – will not melt
  • Over 50 Marine Labels

Make your boat’s switches readable again with new labeled rocker switch covers!  All the common boating related labels available below.  Durable printing on quality Carling Contura switch covers.  We never use the soft style – our covers will not get sticky in the sun/heat – guaranteed!

Changing your covers is EXTREMELY easy using our actuator removal tool.

Press the tool into the space between the switch and actuator.  Your old cover will pop right off, allowing our new printed actuator to latch on.

Our Contura II switch covers are interchangeable with any Carling V-series switch without a raised bezel.

There are many interchangeable contura styles (II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and XIV) – most common pictured below.

Our Contura II (or V for that matter) covers will replace them all and is a great way to make your dash look new again.

If your ON-OFF switches have only one (1) lens/light in them, then these contura II are perfect.

However, if the majority of your switches have two lenses, then it’s better to upgrade to our contura V etched switch covers.

Note, there are some exceptions to this for double throw switches… for example, Nav/Anc switches almost always have two lights in them, so our contura II Nav/Anc switch cover does as well.

Contura II Actuator

Do you need a Cover Removal Tool as well?

This simple tool will make removing your old covers and installing these new ones a breeze!

View Tool Now!