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Nav Anc Rocker Switch Cover

Genuine Carling Contura II covers.

Both Red and Blue Lens Available.

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Product Description

Nav Anc Switch Cover

Genuine Carling Contura II rocker switch cover labeled “Nav Anc” for Navigation and Anchor lights.  All our covers (called “actuators”) are precision printed with UV stabilized ink.  We only print onto the hard style plastic actuators, not the “soft touch” that melts in the sun and becomes a sticky mess.

This product is the COVER ONLY.  Find an entire replacement Nav Anc Rocker Switch here.

This Nav Anchor switch cover will fit on any Carling V-series or contura style switch body or base.  That includes contura style bases sold by Carling, Sierra, Blue Sea Systems, Sea-Dog… or a myriad of other brands.

Actuators are SUPER easy to change out.  Your old covers can be removed easily from the switch body from the front of the panel using this actuator removal tool.  Your new Nav Anc switch cover will pop right back on.  All service done from the front of the panel with NO need to remove the switch (literally a 5 second job here).

How to Determine if it will fit your switches:

  1. Check the “will it fit” tab on this page, if your switch looks like any of these styles, it will fit.
  2. If your switch has a 4 digit part number on the side (behind panel), starting with a “V” (ex: V1D1), it will fit.
  3. If your switch has a removable actuator and is approx: 15/16″ wide and 1 15/16″ tall, it will most likely fit.
  4. When in doubt, Contact us and send us a picture of your existing rocker switches and we’ll tell you.
  5. Have no fear!  If it does not fit it can be returned for a refund in accordance with our return policies.

Features / Beat the Competition:

  • Guarantee – if your ink wears off within 2 years, we’ll replace them for free!
  • Genuine Carling Technologies covers – no knock offs
  • Durable UV stabilized ink
  • Hard cover style.  We never use the “soft touch” style that will melt
  • Includes ISO symbol over the lens
  • Large format text for easy reading

Contura Styles, lenses and colors:

This Nav Anc rocker cover is a contura II style, as pictured above.  Contura II is the one with the small bumps on it.  We carry printed contura II’s in red and blue lens options (selection from menu above).  This Nav Anc rocker cover will have one lens at the top and one at the bottom and is meant to go onto a switch that is illuminated at both the top and bottom.

We also carry this label in contura V style here.  Contura V style can be placed onto a two lamp switch, which allows a great backlighting effect for night readability.

Typical use for an Nav Anc Rocker Cover:

This cover is meant to go on an ON-OFF-ON rocker switch which controls both the navigation lights (red and green at the bow), and your anchor light (white at the stern or top).  We print this label onto a double lens actuator specifically for this purpose.  If your navigation and anchor lights are on separate rocker switches, then you’ll probably want this nav cover, and this anchor cover.

These covers are SUPER popular on boats… so if you’ve reached this page 97% chance that yes… it will fit.

Our Contura II and V switch covers are interchangeable on all Carling V-series switches.  There are many contura styles (II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and XIV), which all look slightly different and have a variety of lens colors and looks.  This cover will replace them all and is a great way to make your dash look new again.


The easiest way to tell is visually.  The most common actuator styles are shown below.  If your switches look similar to this, they will fit.

Contura II III IV and V-min

Contura II’s have 8 small bumps at the top and bottom.  This is the style we print onto.  Lenses can be any variety of colors (white shown here).

Contura III’s have three horizontal lines top and bottom.  This style uses a narrow bar lens only.

Contura V style is slightly rounded… shown here surrounded by contura IV style

Contura IV style has a curved almost banana shape to it.

Markings On Switch:

You’ll have to pull the switch out or crawl under the dash to check this, but matching switches will have several markings:

  • U.S. PAT. 5105059”  one one side, and on the other:
  • Carling Technologies
  • a 4 digit part number starting with a “V” (ex: V1D1)
  • 20A 12V Mexico

If your switch has any of these markings it will fit.

Take A Photo And Ask Us

Feel free to take a photo and email to and we’ll tell you if they will fit.

Try it, and return it if they do not

Remember we have a 45 day no-questions-asked return policy.  If  it does not fit, just return it for a full refund.

9 reviews for Nav Anc

  1. Giuseppe Lombardo (verified owner)

    Purchased this printed switch cover and replacement breaker boots. They arrived quickly and the quality was great. Instrument panel looks new again!

  2. Chad Halleen (verified owner)

    Product was exactly as described and quality is fantastic!!

  3. Tony Turner (verified owner)

    They arrived exactly as I ordered them. Label were correct and the lens color was correct

  4. Rick

    Great service. Easy purchase.Easy to use

  5. Suresh Chavakula (verified owner)

    I really liked how easy they were to install and how clear the font and logos looks like. No, I think everything was great.

  6. Sam Stephenson (verified owner)

    excellent quality,made my dash look new again. order process a little confusing,but figured it out, double ordered a couple times,all ended well.

  7. Larry Astle (verified owner)

    Very nice looking,easy install,great choices. Would buy again probably won’t need to

  8. Tim Kenyon (verified owner)

    They were easy to install with the provided tool. They look really great and also enhance safety with their clear labelling. Very Good. No problems whatsoever.

  9. Steve Herz (verified owner)

    The rubber on my old switch covers was getting soft and wearing off. I bought these to replace them and they look awesome, installation didn’t take more than 30 seconds with the switch cover remover I bought. They came quickly and efficiently and work properly. Well Done!!!

    The website works well on the PC but I was trying to fill this form out on my phone and had some difficulties. The header covered the form making it impossible to see the questions. No problem doing it from the PC though. Since the product was so great I wanted to give you some feedback on that. Overall great work. FWIW I was using a iOS device (iphone SE)

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