About Us

Opened in 2010, New Wire Marine is an American small business located in Charleston, SC. We build quality custom-made marine switch panels, electrical distribution panels, gauge and switch panels, and retail a select number of quality parts, that we would use on our own boats.

Our goal is to be known for quality products and excellent customer service. We have no automated phone tree, no offshore tech support, and we don’t import containers of cheap parts just to make a buck online. We hand design, mill, etch and assemble OEM quality switch panels for our customers in our shop in Charleston, SC.

We’ve designed and built thousands of switch panels that are in use all over the world. As we’ve grown we’ve invested in technology (like our drag and drop switch panel design tool) that makes it easier and easier for our customers to get a quality, but affordable switch panel that meets their needs exactly.

We want to work with our customers to create a lasting, professional relationship for life. And it’s working! By now we’ve had hundreds of referrals and many customers have come back for a new panel for their second or third boat.

For Individuals

New Wire Marine has no minimums!  The majority of our customers are just like you.  One guy, working on his own boat in his backyard or driveway.  We stock a robust inventory of switches and circuit protection for your small repairs.  Or if it’s a bigger project, we can design and custom fabricate a complete dash assembly just for you.

The parts are not cheap, but the result will be the same quality and craftsmanship that goes into our OEM panels for brand new boats.  For the beginner boater or electrical novice, we make our panels as easy to install as possible.

We’re happy to help you actually figure out what you need, and answer both pre and post sale technical questions.  Try it out by giving us a call, you’ll see the difference: (843) 297-8348.

For Service Centers

Marine service centers, boat yards, electrical riggers, and mobile mechanics love working with us.  Our stock products are competitively priced, we religiously manage inventory to never run out of stock, and we ship fast, with the goal of helping you meet your deadlines with your customer.

We want to give you your time back to dedicate to your core business:  If you’re milling and assembling your own panels currently please call us.  We can help you create a better looking product for your customers.

Building panels is what we do, all day, everyday… get your sanity back and outsource that tedious wiring to us, you can bet your competitors are.

Contact Us for info on how to be added to our Service Provider’s Directory

For Boat Builders

We build production runs in volume for many small to mid-sized – quality-focused – OEMs.  We have much shorter lead times than the big panel houses, plus the ability (ie, willingness) to change and adjust with your needs.

We maintain strict configuration control of your drawings, and we can assist smaller builders who don’t have direct engineering staff with system design and calculations.

We love to work with even very small manufacturers and – while the economy does come with volume – we have no minimums and rapid prototyping.

We can develop a design with waterproof multi-pin connectors to make a plug and play panel to integrate into your system. And our OEMs love the on-panel branding we can bring to their helms with custom logo etching.



Email the Owner:

Questions, comments, suggestions, complaints?  The Owner of New Wire Marine, Eric Steele wants to hear about it: esteele@newwiremarine.com

We’re Hiring!

Love our products and interested in joining the team that makes the best custom switch panels in the world?  Visit our Careers Page to learn more!

What our Customers Say

Pam/Eric, We received our panels today and I wanted to say thank you, the work is top notch, I am very particular about electrical systems, especially on a boat and I could not be more pleased.
Chris B, Florida
The switch panel looks great and beyond expectations. Thanks again.
Frank S, Georgia
Thank you l really appreciate that, you and your guys have been great to work with on both projects. I wish more companies were as phenomenal to deal with as you have been. Everyone who has seen the panel loves it and asks who made it. They really like the blue back lighting, no one has seen that before. Thanks again for everything, you have a customer for life and I will tell everyone looking for this type of product the go to place is New Wire Marine.
James T, Connecticut
One word


Thanks man

Lincoln, M, Florida
I received the panel yesterday and it is way nicer than I ever expected it to come out. It fits great and looks awesome. Its going to be real nice to finally have a modern working panel again. You guys really do a nice job!
Thank you
Dave H, Florida
that thing looks amazing. I appreciate the hell out of everything yall have done and how easy it is working with you
Nate D., Mississippi
Rocker switches arrived this morning…you got one happy customer!

You got a great company there. Thanks again for correcting the mistakes.

Andy H, Texas
Looks even cooler than I thought it would, thanks!
Larry G, New York
Just received my panels, they are PERFECT!!! Very happy. Very fast, just what I ordered. Why can’t more companies be as good as you guys.
James G., New York
Eric & his staff are very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to do business with. Definitely will be buying more products from them again!
William M., South Carolina
Just wanted to let you to know the panel looks great.. I can’t wait to install it this weekend. You doing the wiring is going to make it really easy to install. I am sure glad I had you do the wiring..

Just wanted to say thank you. Hope you have a good weekend..

Charles M., Florida
Thank you so much…the actuators arrived today….exactly what I needed
I must congratulate you on a fantastic service…easy to order and easy to communicate with….and “wow” did they arrive quickly!….just the way it should be!
Julian O, United Kingdom
To all of you,
I finally finished the panel install and it turned out awesome! Exactly what I wanted and the fit is perfect.

Thank you! I will be referring others to your great service.

Charlie C., California
Jack D, North Carolina