Marine Battery Switches

The Main Battery Switch is an essential component for every boat.  It disconnects your engine and all your standard (non-24 hour) loads from your boat’s batteries and prevents battery drains while in storage.

Our master battery switches are high-current physical disconnects made with marine-grade materials, and capable of handling your full engine cranking current.  We carry a variety of styles but only list the Blue Sea m-ACR on this page.

Marine Battery Switches

How to choose the right marine battery switch:

Choosing the right battery switch for your boat generally comes down to the number of batteries and engines you have.

Most commonly recommended:

  • Single Battery Single Engine boats will use one Blue Sea 6006 Battery Switch
  • Two Battery Single Engine boats will use either a 6007 or 6011 Battery Switch
  • Three Battery Twin Engine boats will use two 6011 Switches, or a 6010 and 6006 with ACRs
  • A 6006 switch can also be used as a disconnect for high amp loads like a trolling motor or windlass
  • One or more ACRs can also be used to automatically prioritize charging

See the wiring diagrams for each of our battery switches on the individual product pages to help determine the best system for your boat.

See our guide on how to wire a boat for more information on marine power distribution.

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