Carling AV/AVH-Series Anti-Vandal Push Button Switches are well-known and widely used thanks to the brand’s commitment to quality and sleek aesthetics. 

New Wire Marine carries two different types of Carling push button switches: Dry Contact (AV) and Solid State (AVH). Carling’s AV/AVH-Series sealed switch product line features a modern, stainless steel design with various options for LED illumination. 

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New to Carling Push Button Switches?

 Genuine Carling Technologies marine push buttons have mega power ratings — and they won’t break the bank. With a sleek look that rises less than 1/10 of an inch off your panel, these push buttons give a cool, modern look to any dash. 

Carling AV/AVH-Series Anti-Vandal Push Buttons feature high-powered ratings up to 20 amps. These single pole, waterproof push button switches are available with momentary and maintained (latching) circuits. 

The AV/AVH-series is well suited for any application requiring stringent, electrical and sealing capabilities. And, both the AV and AVH options have quick connect tab terminals, which allows for easy installation and daisy chaining.  

Carling Push Buttons – Technical Features

Compared to some other manufacturers, Carling push button switches are a less expensive option and they can handle higher amps — and that makes them a popular choice for many people.

  • Ultra-low profile that stands out only 2.01 MM (0.079 IN) from a panel

  • Sealed to IP67 for above-panel components

  • High current ratings, up to 20 amps

  • Momentary and maintained circuits

  • LED halo illumination

  • UL1500 ignition protection

  • Easy to install

Carling AV-Series vs. AVH-Series Push Button Switches

New Wire Marine offers two models of Carling Push Buttons, AV-Series and AVH-Series.

The biggest difference between these two is that the AVH-Series features a circuit board for high-current amps, overload protection, and thermal cut-off. 


  • Dry Contact

  • 10A current rating

  • Blue LED ring illumination

  • Non-resettable 

  • Switching options include ON-OFF and (ON)-OFF.


  • Solid State

  • 20A current rating

  • Blue LED ring illumination

  • Features a circuit board for high-current amps

  • Overload protection and thermal cut off

  • Switching options include ON-OFF, and progressive circuits are perfectly suited for NAV/ANCHOR functions

Ready to make it yours?

Dash Panel Examples with Carling Push Button Switches

As with any of our components, we’d be happy to pre-assemble Carling push buttons into a complete, fully custom panel unit for you — that way you can get OEM-quality switch labeling correctly applied to the dash.

Check out some of our favorite custom panels below: