Meet LuxMatte

The all-new marine dash panel material looks sleek, reduces glare, and eliminates smudging.

Matte, Modernized.

LuxMatte gives a contemporary, highly functional new style to the popular blackout dash trend.

Black push buttons or traditional rockers are available to be integrated into your new LuxMatte dash.

We Gave Blackout Dashes
a Bad-Ass Makeover

Pair Your LuxMatte Panel With:

  • Reverse Flush Instrument Mounting

  • Bluewater Etched Push Button Switches

  • Bocatech Resettable Switches

  • Blue LED Rocker Switches

  • All New Contura XIV White LED Switches

  • White Custom Logo Engraving

  • Backlit Logo Engraving
  • More!

LuxMatte takes the blackout dash panel trend in sportfishing to a more sophisticated level — especially when paired with Reverse Flush instrument mounting.

C. Allen: Cooper Yacht Group

Unbeatable Craftsmanship

Built to Endure.
To Take a Beating.

Say goodbye to scratches, fingerprints, and watermarks. Designed to withstand tough, salty conditions, LuxMatte is scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and virtually smudge-proof.

Level up your blackout dash with LuxMatte

Stay one stroke ahead of the fleet.

When you’re out on the water in the blasting sun, you need tools that help, not hinder.

Ideal for sportfishing, yachting, and everything in between, this brand-new, anti-glare material will be the envy of every boater on the water.

The best part is that — just as with any of our custom panel projects — you can personalize your LuxMatte panel down to the studs. Whether you go with black pushbuttons, traditional rocker switches, a backlit logo, or blue LED rocker switches, you’ll end up with a panel that perfectly suits your needs.

Easy!  Submit the form at the bottom of this page.  (don’t forget the picture of your dash!)

If you have specific questions, please email, or call (843) 297-8348.

It varies seasonally, but generally our production times run between 2 and 3 weeks.  Discuss current lead times with your panel estimator when you talk.

Five basic steps:

  1. Requirements
  2. Quote
  3. Design
  4. Invoice
  5. Production

To get started we need to gather some basic information from you like size, shape and number and type of switches.  See our more general Switch Panel Buyer’s Guide for more detail on our process.


We can custom-build a switch panel for any make or model boat with a flat dash, and LuxMatte makes a great choice! 

However, we do start from scratch each time, so will need specs from you. There are several reasons for this:

  • There are thousands and thousands of models out there, and often, even the manufacturers themselves do not have the specs — and neither do we.
  • Even the same make/model year could have a different panel depending on dealer options ordered way back when.
  • Almost all our customers choose to modify the panel to suit their specific needs, so we do not even file old drawings by make/model because we have no idea if a new customer would want those same modifications. After all, your custom panel should be personalized to YOU.

To get an idea of what a LuxMatte panel would cost for your specific make and model, submit the form at the bottom of this page

Great question… from a distance they have a similar overall appearance.  The differences are:

1 – A cool, new/modern appearance & style compared to gloss.

2 – Does not show scratches, smudges, fingerprints nearly as much as gloss.

3 – Does not reflect as much sunlight a gloss panel’s mirror finish does.

4 – Shows a contrast between the surface of the material and the glass screen of modern MFD’s (as opposed to ‘blending’ together for a ‘glass dash’ appearance.

Yes!  Our LuxMatte material is opaque and a full 1/2″ thick, which both gives it a heave, high end, high quality feel and appearance, and allows for reverse flushing most modern MFD screens.

There really is a wide variation in price.  We’ve made $200 panels, and we’ve done $4,000 products, which is why we ask you to fill out the form below, attaching a picture of your helm, and writing a few sentences about what you’re looking for.  With that information someone will get in touch with you within the next few business days to get you an estimate or ask some followup questions.

As the industry leaders in custom marine dash panels, nothing thrills us more than when innovation aligns with an in-demand trend.

LuxMatte is the first of its kind, and truly takes a popular style to new heights.

And, our entire custom-build process is a breeze — just ask any one of our thousands of satisfied customers!

Thank you guys so much for the great job you’ve done on the panel I ordered. I was impressed with the precision and attention to detail, as well as the prompt and accurate estimated completion time. The Installation was a breeze. I can’t say enough good things about this place!

Joseph Clohessy

3 months ago Verified Purchaser

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