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We’re Hiring!

New Wire Marine is currently hiring for the following positions:

  1. Customer Service & All-Around Helpful Person: Apply Here!

We plan to be hiring soon for:

  1. Custom Panel Estimator
  2. Entry Level Electrical Assembly Tech
  3. CAD Designer

For candidates interested in positions not yet open yet contact us.

Open Job Descriptions

We’re looking for an outgoing, happy, tech savvy, curious and organized critical thinker with a work ethic for an open Customer Service & All-Around Helpful Person position in our growing small business.

We build custom boat electrical parts…. switch panels… awesome ones.  And business is good.

We want a future team member who – so far – is thinking: “That’s weird… I love building awesome things too! I’m happy I found this job posting.  Hey Siri – set a reminder for one hour to do a site specific google advanced search and save my favorite images to dropbox to show these guys at my interview”

Outgoing – This role needs to be comfortable on the phone, talking with customers, intelligently.  You need to be able to learn our products and make recommendations.  While at the same time be able to confidently say “good question.  I don’t know, but give me 30 seconds and I’ll find out”.

Happy – Happy coworkers make the day fun… not like work.  They treat fellow co-workers and customers really well.  Happy voices on the phone sell more products.  Happy people type positive email responses.  We want our new team member to be a genuinely happy person like we are.

Tech Savvy – We’re part an ecommerce business.  Part an electrical design firm.  Part a high tech machine shop (we even have a high powered computer controlled laser… not even kidding).  This role will be probably 75% at a computer.  We’ve got file transfer apps, integrated shipping apps, a help desk app.  You’ll be operating in the admin backend of multiple ecommerce platforms, using excel, word, writing lots of emails, developing SOP’s, setting up reminders and SAAS app workflows.  Our new team member must be comfortable with this and a wiz on a computer.

Curious – Curious people find nearly everything interesting.  They make things and are in a constant quest to learn new concepts, processes and topics.  They ask questions… lots of questions.  They constantly google things.  We like these people.

Organized – We have dozens and dozens of custom build jobs going at any given time – all with various, custom defined specs.  We must stay organized to avoid dropping the ball on a customer.  We use tech to stay on top of this.  If you’re a list-maker… a party host who never forgets the ice with a closet organizer in your Amazon order history, we want to talk to you.

Critical Thinking – Critical thinkers solve problems, propose improvements, and can work autonomously.  They will assist our small business as it grows to a bigger small business, then a bigger one, then a medium sized business.  We aren’t expecting you to run the place in a month, but a co-worker who can develop a process, not just follow one is a plus.

Work Ethic – Saved this for last but is a non-starter without a genuine work ethic.  Our business is busy and growing.  Everyone here is on a mission to get crap done.  We never, ever say “that’s not my job”.  Not just busy work – activity does not equal production.  This is NOT a place where you’ll spend half the day on facebook.  It makes me actually queasy – no kidding uncomfortable – to sit next so someone else working and watch… we’re looking for someone who gets what that means.  A work ethic is valuable… people with valuable traits get paid more (and don’t get fired).

We want you to weed yourself out.  If this does not describe you, then please don’t apply… it won’t last long anyway.

Now that we’ve gone though the job requirements, let’s talk about daily work:

Learning, Learning, Learning – You’ll start off right off the bat learning our products and website inside and out… as well as our helpdesk software, and custom build file transfer system.

Workflow Tracker – As I mentioned, we have dozens of jobs in some stage of workflow at any given time.  Any tech-inclined organized person should be able to take over managing that system on like day two… making sure everything is tracked and the electronic system matches where the physical parts in the shop actually are.

Phone – When the phone rings you’ll listen-in w/ an experience Sales Rep, and by the end of week one, you’ll be asking to pickup the phone yourself.  After a few weeks, you’ll be able to help most of the people with general inquiries like:

  • Retrieving tracking numbers
  • Estimating completion dates
  • Taking orders over the phone

If it’s something you haven’t learned yet, you’ll just turn it over to someone else and listen-in so you can handle it next time.

Email – We’re an ecommerce company – we get tons of emails.  When the phone’s not ringing, you’ll be at your computer where we have a sweet little help-desk system to handle the emails.  You’ll start right away handling any emails you’ve learned how.  Sorting out critical and important items, for immediate action… and actually handling them!

General Helpful Person – We’ve got loads of general little random things to do… reprint an order, ship replacement parts, cut material samples (yes, with a drill/saw) and mail them, etc.  Each new thing you’ll learn, take notes and handle it next time.

General Panel Spec Taking – After while you’ll be familiar enough to discuss their custom product specs with customers.  First, just taking the specs and giving them to an estimator, then hopefully producing an estimate yourself.

More!  – What else do you want to do? Create and edit videos, write website content, manage a pay-per-click campaign, post social media content, assemble switch panels?  We’ve got TONS of projects to tackle in the next year that as a team member you’ll be exposed to and able to volunteer for.  In some ways – as you grow and learn – you’ll be encouraged to shape your own position.

So that’s what we want out of this – so what do we offer?

  • Lots of Growth – We’ve gone from a 3 person business to a 7 (plus you, plus another open position)… so a 9 person company in just under 3 years. Right now we need customer service… but we have tons of ideas for future projects and you’ll be able to discuss your career here directly with the owner.
  • Flexible Hours – Generally between 8am and 7pm, M-F, but we’re open to discussion on schedule. We’re looking for a ~40hr/week person, but we can discuss part time as well.
  • No Dress-Code – We’re really relaxed. As an ecomm business there’s no need to dress up to impress customers.  Just cover yourself sufficiently with some kind of cloth and we’re cool.
  • Very anti-BS – This isn’t a stuffy corporate job with strict hierarchy, and layers of management. Anybody can (and should) walk into the owner’s office and tell him he’s doing something stupid.
  • No Micro-Management – Once you’ve shown you know a task, just go do it. We don’t have time – or want to – stand over your shoulder watching every move.  In fact – if this is what you need to stay motivated, then keep moving.
  • No assholes – Occasionally we have to deal with the customer ones we don’t see coming… but not team members. We fire all genuine assholes.
  • PTO – 1 week paid time off annually to start
  • Holidays – 5 paid holidays off
  • 401(k) – Eligible after 1 full year of employment. 4% matching
  • Salary – We set salary based on value to the company. The more you learn and can do, the more valuable you are, and the more you get paid.  We don’t want anyone for this role less valuable than $12/hr… and I realistically can’t see valuing even an awesome candidate above $18/hr starting out.  But, there’s no policy that restricts raises by any amount at any time as your value increases.

How to Apply – We’re going to be pretty selective until we find the right person that really has at least a medium dose of all seven qualities above.  We don’t have time to conduct dozens of in-person interviews.  Do not show up at our facility.  We might even test you a little bit.  Here’s the first test:  Find the careers page on our website to see the next clue to really shine.

Please apply via the link above.  Sure would be nice to see a custom written cover letter addressing the 7 qualities we’re interested in.