We’re Hiring!

New Wire Marine is currently hiring for the following positions:

  1. CAD Designer
  2. Order Picker/Packer

We plan to be hiring soon for:

  1. Dealer Sales Rep (2020 / 2021)
  2. Retail Sales Rep (2020 / 2021)
  3. Customer Service Associate (2020 / 2021)

For candidates interested in positions not yet open yet contact us.

Open Job Applications

Designer Application

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Order Picker/Packer, Shipping and Inventory

We are a growing ecommerce company and we’re in need of a new team member!  We build and sell boat parts. Boat electrical parts – and ship them all over the world!

Part of that involves fulfilling the orders. This means grabbing the right things off the right shelfs, packing them up and shipping them to the customer.

We need a picker/packer on steroids because you’ll be the entire department.  Plus the shipping department.  Plus the inventory manager.

Are you meticulous, detailed and thorough?  Do you love a straight desk and a neat stack of papers?  Can you follow detailed written instructions with minimal mistakes?  Then read on!

Who we’re looking for:

Super Detailed and Thorough – Let’s be clear: The orders have to be right, on time, and never lost or forgotten. The address must be right, the documentation has to be where it should be, or we lose customer satisfaction (and money). We’re looking for one of those weird people who is just barely on the normal side of anal retentive.

Work Ethic –We want to work with folks who have a genuine work ethic. Our business is busy and growing. Everyone here is on a mission to get crap done. We never say “that’s not my job”. This is NOT a place where you’ll spend half the day flipping through your phone. We want to work with people who genuine want to work. To learn. To improve. To help us build a company

Tech Savvy – You don’t need to be a programmer, but you should know your way around a computer. If you don’t know the keyboard shortcuts for cut, paste and undo, this may not be the job for you.


Job Duties:

  • Print/sort orders
  • Pick/pack orders
  • Print shipping labels
  • Investigate stagnant orders
  • Conduct inventories
  • Order low stock products
  • Calculate shipping costs
  • Work with customers on shipping issues
  • Propose ideas and improve our systems
  • Anything else needed to assist coworkers


About working here:

So that’s what we want – so what do we offer?

  • Fun place to work– We work hard, but everyone’s nice and our shop is generally a pleasant place to work. We’re always making and building things, trying new and better ways of doing everything.
  • A small, growing company – We’ve gone from a 3 person business to a 10 (plus you)… company in just over 3 years. Right now we need fulfillment but we have tons of ideas and projects going on and you’ll be able to discuss your career here directly with the owner.
  • No Experience Required – okay fine, experience picking/packing would be a plus, but not required… we’ve got nice people who can train you.
  • No Dress-Code – We’re really relaxed. As an ecommerce business there’s no need to dress up and no uniforms. Just cover yourself sufficiently with some kind of cloth and we’re cool.
  • Very anti-BS – We’re not a stuffy corporate place with strict hierarchy and layers of management bureaucracy. Anybody can (and should) walk into the owner’s office to discuss an issue, question or concern.
  • No Micro-Management– Once you’ve shown you know a task, just go do it. We don’t have time – or want to – stand over your shoulder watching every move. In fact – if this is what you need to stay motivated, then keep moving.
  • No assholes– Occasionally we have to deal with the customer ones we don’t see coming… but not team members. We fire all genuine assholes.
  • PTO– 1 week paid time off annually.
  • Holidays– 6 paid holidays off.
  • 401(k)– Eligible after 1 full year of employment. 4% matching
  • Salary– We set salary based on value to the company. The more you learn, the more you can do, the better you do it and the harder you work… the more valuable you are, and the more you get paid. This job will start at $14-$16 per hour.
  • Location– By July or August 2019 we will have re-located to a central location in North Charleston near Dorchester and Cross County. Until then you’ll work at our current location in West Ashley near Hwy 17 and 526.


How to Apply – The only way for your application to be seen is to go to the careers page on our website (NewWireMarine.com/careers) and complete the application form linked to there.

Please do not show up at our facility. If selected, we will contact you to schedule a phone interview within a few weeks. We also use in-person interviews, personality assessments and paid trial work days to find the perfect candidate.

Ancillary Information:  What a typical day looks like:

You arrive and go your computer and navigate to 5 different sites and apps where you’d login and print out an array of packing slips, invoices, drawings and more… 95 pages today – 64 total orders.

You sort the various papers: ‘ready to fulfill’, ‘needs to be laser etched’, ‘requires international shipping’, ‘needs a drawing made’… that kind of stuff. The result today is 6 beautiful stacks of papers, staples, and paperclips that you take to various smiling people around the shop.

30 of the pages are your ‘ready to fulfill’ stack, so you take them to the packing table and pick the parts out and pack them into envelopes.

By this time the ‘needs to be laser etched’ stack has re-appeared along with its appropriate laser etched sub-parts. You mate each one with its appropriate sub-part and pack them into envelopes.

You take your box (46 envelopes and 4 boxes are packed by now) over to the shipping workstation where you weigh and sort them. You log into our shipping app, and search, group, batch and print scores of labels, and slap them onto the various envelopes and boxes and put them in the appropriate pickup bins by carrier.

BUT, two people’s addresses won’t verify, one is picking his order up locally, and two are shipping international and need freight invoices.  No problem!  You call, leave messages and/or email them as appropriate – making notes in our ticketing system to followup tomorrow if you don’t hear back.  Morning is over, you go grab a bite to eat for lunch.

You’re back, and by now there are a dozen larger products the assembly techs have completed that need stickers, instruction sheets, bubble wrap, boxes. You pack those up and print labels.

A guy from before calls back and asks for you… you get his zip code corrected and print his label.

It’s 2:00 now, and there are three boxes of incoming parts that just came in via UPS. So you open the boxes, count and verify contents, receive it into our PO system, and put it on the shelves.

You start an inventory count of supplier A,C and D today.  We’re below thresholds on 8 items, so you create and send POs using our inventory system to get those items restocked.

That’s about enough for one day, so you say goodbye and head home with a sense of accomplishment, thinking about how we’re running low on 8”x8”x30” boxes (your favorite) so tomorrow might be time to start a packing supply order.