Custom Switch/Dash Panel Buyer’s Guide

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1. Discover!

As a custom product we have nearly endless styles and options available.  Don’t become overwhelmed, we have estimators available to guide you.

If you want to browse a bit yourself, here are a few resources that may spark your interest:

  1. Learn about our three tiers of custom switch panels.
  2. Skim through our Most Popular Panel Accessories
  3. See our Material Options.
  4. View some Previous Projects, including example pricing.
  5. Customer Before & After pictures and testimonials.

If you have any questions Contact Us, email:, or call (843) 297-8348.

Once you know what you’re leaning toward, then it’s time to get in touch with your specs:

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2. Requirements Gathering & RFQ

This is where we need the most effort out of you – but it will all be worth it!  We need you to put together a properly specified project with you, so we can get you an accurate quote.

Complete one of our RFQ Forms:

Our RFQs – properly filled out – are the quickest, most thorough, and preferred way of submitting your requirements for a quote.  It also makes our quotes more accurate because we’re not missing important information.

Think about:

  • What size/shape is your panel?
  • How many switches do you need, and what labels will they have?
  • What type of switches do you want?  (printed rocker, backlit rocker, toggle, push button, etc)
  • Do you need circuit breakers?
  • Do you want graphics or backlighting added to your panel?
  • Will you need your panel fully wired, only panel jumpers, or no wiring at all?

Timeline: This part is totally up to you.  Take as much time to gather the info as you need.

 Speed things up, by completing and emailing our RFQ:

custom switch panel request for quote completed
pdf RFQ download

3. We’ll get you a quote

Now that we know the scope of the custom switch panel you need for your boat, it’s on us to get you a quote.

We’ll email you a detailed quote showing exactly what is included for the price.  If we got any of your requirements wrong, this is the best place to tell us, and we’ll be happy to revise the quote.

It’s important to review the quote for accuracy, but don’t get super caught up in the nitty gritty, it will all come together in the next phase: the proof!

Timeline: Once we have your requirements you should see a quote in your inbox in about a day.

graphic showing custom switch panel quote printed out
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4. Proofing and Revisions

Once you approve the quote, our CAD folks will start developing the first production proofs for your review. This is the exciting part because the panel really starts to come together!

Our experienced designers create a detailed layout of your custom switch panel and send high res PDF proofs for your review.  Your designer will work hand-in-hand with you on revisions until you’re 100% satisfied with the design.

We DO NOT require a deposit for proof.  However, please note proofs are very time-consuming and cost us labor hours.  We ask that you are ready to proceed with purchasing the panel prior to asking us to do this (assuming we can come up with a satisfactory design of course).

Please consolidate proof comments! Up to three proof revisions are free.  Additional revisions will be billed on your invoice.

Timeline: Initial and revised proofs are generally completed in 24-48 hours.

custom switch panel buyers guide production proof example

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5. Invoice and Production

Once the proof is approved we email you an e-Invoice, which can be paid securely online with any major credit card or PayPal.  The invoice is for the full quoted amount, no deposits.

As soon as the invoice is paid, we go to work!  We mill the panel, etch any graphics or test, assemble and wire it up… all with American workers in our shop in Charleston, SC.

Please don’t pay the invoice until the design is perfect, and you are sure there are no more changes.

We’re happy to answer status questions during production… simply reply to your panel support ticket and we’ll get you an update.

Timeline: Varies seasonally and by scope of the panel, but typically between 5 days and 3 weeks.  Contact us for current lead times

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