How to…

We get many questions over and over again, and in an effort to provide great content to our customers we’ve this how-to section with some guides below:

1. Wire A Boat

We’ve put together a this little newbie guide on How To Wire A Boat.  It is by all means not-all inclusive, but should help some folks pickup some of the basics.    View the complete guide here.

2. Wire A Bilge Pump

We recommend an ON-OFF switch for small boat bilge pumps with a a separate fused feed to the float switch direct from the battery.  This makes sure your bilge pump is never accidentally shut of.  It also gives a visual indicator at the switch when the float switch is working.  View the complete guide here.

3. Create a Panel Template or Tracing

Often people want or need to mail their old switch panel in to have us duplicate a unique shape.  Here’s our guide on how to mail in your switch panel with good results.