What Our Customers Say…

Completely understanding of the project needs

About a month and a half ago, we embarked on a Repower and Rewire project on our 2003 Grady White 257 Advance. As part of the project, we thought it might be a great time to reconfigure the dash panels and electronics. After first contacting another company and receiving no timely correspondence, I found New Wire Marine! I contacted them with my custom panel ideas and received timely correspondence, quotes and drafts. They were completely understanding of the project needs and provided me with the information I needed to ensure proper fitment. Jeff Philips and I spoke with each other multiple times throughout the project – via email and phone. I never had an issue reaching him (with exception of during Hurricane Dorian!). Due to the odd shape of the panel, I shipped my old panel to them for exact fitment. They cut each panel to fit my electronics and everything lined up absolutely perfectly. The backlit Grady White logo was a nice touch to really put the absolute final touch on my project!

Bobby F.

Over the top customer service

I can’t say enough good things about this place! I had a switch panel custom built on 4/06/18, fast forward for to now (September 2019) I had a few of the rocker switches fail on me, I rode up to new wire, explained what I had going on and having all intentions of just buying 3 new rocker switches and going on about my business they had me leave my switch panel with them and they replaced all 6 switches free of charge and had it ready for me to pick it up the following day when they opened! That’s over the top customer service in my opinion that you don’t really see anymore!

Grady B.

They knew exactly what I was looking for

I can’t speak highly enough of the team at NWM. I spent the better part of a year emailing designs of a new instrument bezel back and forth to Pam and Eric, and they knew exactly what I was looking for. The quality of the finished product is better than factory and they even managed to finish the project sooner than expected so I could meet a deadline. Furthermore, when my expedited shipping failed to show up on time, they refunded me the shipping costs and went after UPS on their own. Truly a class act.

Thank you again NWM, you’ve helped to restore my boat and create memories for years to come.

Will S.

A really good experience

For a person making his first attempt at completely rewiring a boat I couldn’t have had a better partner than the staff at New Wire Marine. The designing of the switch panel on their website was more that just easy, it was fun. They reached out to me with some advise on improving my design and were on schedule with delivery. But most importantly they continued to help me after they delivered the panel. My inexperience cause some problems but they helped me solved them.

It’s been a really good experience with New Wire Marine.

Thomas H.

Genuine interest in their customers needs

An unbelievable company with an unparalleled customer service and a genuine interest in their customers needs!!!

What I really liked is how easily accessible they all were. Most of their business is via online ordering so you would think it would be somewhat difficult to call and get information. But it was not.

Every time I called I was speaking DIRECTLY with the individuals themselves who had a hands-on knowledge of their product line, approximate lag times and shipping information.

They were not only willing to address any questions or concerns, but did so in a very relaxed and non-rushed attitude!

All this mind you, for an extremely small order of one blank panel only costing $15?!?! WOW!!! By the way they treated me, you would have thought I was a commercial customer that gave them 100 orders a week!!!

They are also one of the very FEW companies that make custom rocker switch panels which is extremely hard to find!!!

You absolutely cannot go wrong dealing with this company!!!

Louis P.

I am overly pleased

I had to replace the switch pod and computer controller on my 2004 World Cat due to the switch pod beginning to fail. I reached out to WC thinking I could simply buy another switch pod to “plug and play” a replacement. Much to my disappointment, WC no longer uses this electronic system due to its failure rate, and nor do they have any switch pod inventory. WC recommended I change from the electronic system to a conventional rocker switch panel.

After several weeks of online research and talking with a couple of local (central FL) marine shops about this task and timeline to do the project, I decided to undertake the task myself. During my online research, New Wire Marine continuously popped up in an extremely favorable manner. Many postings on The Hull Truth website highly recommended NWM. So, I visited NWM’s website and quickly built my new panel with tremendous ease. Actually I built it about five times, each with different configurations, switch types, and coloring schemes. The online panel builder is amazingly simple to use and incredibly user-friendly.

It took me about two days from beginning to end if my project. The most time consuming chore was figuring out the existing wiring because there isn’t an available wiring schematic, not even from WC.

I am overly pleased with the new rocker switch panel from NWM and the ease of installation.

William T.

Could not be happier!

Thank you New Wire Marine!! My custom panel came out great and I could not be happier. Initially, was a bit skeptical the a plastic panel would be strong enough for the application but the many wonderful reviews and responsive staff quickly quelled my concerns. The entire team at New Wire was very quick and prompt in their communication with me throughout the process. Even after changing my mind on a number of things and my initial design, they were very patient and eager to help. I consistently felt like they would do anything they could to make sure the panel I received was perfect for my taste and application. The initial proofs were easy to have printed to scale and used as templates to check fitment. And the final fitment of the panel could not have been more perfect. I actually increased the size of the panel to accommodate a touchscreen chart plotter and felt so confident with NWM that I actually cut the dash hole to size before I even received the panel. Thanks again!! Could not be happier!

Parker S.