Blue Sea 6011 ON-OFF-COMBINE


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Blue Sea 6011 Battery Switch

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Product Description

Blue Sea 6011 Battery Switch

This ON-OFF-COMBINE Battery Disconnect Switch is great for a single engine, plus house battery setup.  It is a Double Pole switch meant to simultaneously disconnect/isolate both batteries – “starting” and “house” at the same time, while still allowing a manual emergency parallel feature.

During normal operation you’ll simply turn this Blue Sea 6011 battery switch from OFF to ON.  This will close both contacts labeled “2”, and both contacts labeled “1”, but will keep them isolated so your house loads do not draw down your starting battery.  No action is required to isolate banks when you turn your engine off.

If your starting battery’s charge ever gets deplete too low, the yellow “combine batteries” position will allow you to easily parallel your house battery to (hopefully) crank your engine.  Simply turn it back to ON to isolate again.

6011 marine battery switch connections:

  • Starting Battery – stud 1
  • Engine – stud 1
  • House Battery – stud 2
  • House loads/switch panel – stud 2

6011 Boat Battery Switch Specs:

  • Type: DPST
  • Positions: 3 – (ON/OFF/COMBINE)
  • Inputs:2
  • Outputs:2
  • Batt Combine: Yes
  • Continuous Current Rating: 300A
  • Intermittent Current Rating: 450A
  • Cranking Current Rating (30s): 675A
  • Stud Size: 3/8″

Additional info about this Battery Switch

Our Blue Sea 6011 battery switch is made for the marine environment with tin-plated copper contacts and studs inside and out.  We really love the yellow labeling on this switch reminding anyone it’s there if you need it.

Blue Sea 6011 battery switch is a make-before-break switch, so it is safe to turn the switch from ON, to COMBINE while your engine is running.

This switch works great with an ACR setup – where an automatic relay is used to charge your house battery only when the starting battery has been topped off.

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  1. Houston H. (verified owner)

    I like the solid construction and various installation options. Website was very informative and helped educate me to make accurate purchases. I will be purchasing all further wiring/powering products from New Wire.

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