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Cover Removal Tool


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Removes Switch Covers

Ridiculously Easy to Use

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Product Description

Switch Cover Removal Tool

This little tool makes it insanely easy to change out your rocker switch covers.  Our switch cover removal tool is super easy to use:

  •  Insert the forked end under the switch cover, and press in firmly.
  • Pop!  the covers comes right off!

Replace the cover by just inserting the rod on the back of the switch cover, into the socket on the face of the switch body.  There are two catches centered on the switch toward the left and right.  As you press the left and right side, you can feel the new switch cover snap into place.

Keep the switch cover removal tool in your glovebox or boat toolbox because you can use it over and over again as you swap out labels.

Two tools remove a switch from a mounting panel

You may notice the back side of the switch cover removal tool has an strange shape.   You can use two of these tools to slip inside a rocker switch mounting panel like this one and remove the switch.  Without two of these tools, it’s very difficult to remove them once placed into a mounting panel.

3 reviews for Cover Removal Tool

  1. Dennis Szarowicz (verified owner)

    This removal tool worked like a charm.

  2. Kenneth Blair (verified owner)

    The product was represented perfectly. The removal tool worked easily and I replaced them within 5 minutes.

  3. Leon Childers (verified owner)

    Easy to remove old covers and install new. Took less than two minutes to change out 5
    Excellent. Product delivered in two days

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