Whether you’re ordering a brand new custom panel or upgrading your rocker switch covers, choosing which Contura actuator you want can be confusing.

So… What are the differences in them?

Contura II

  • Screen-printed with UV-resistant ink
  • NOT customizable
  • 55+ in stock
  • More rectangular in shape
  • For rockers with dependent lights
  • 1 mm narrower than Contura V – best when upgrading old Contura III (narrowest of the three – work well in panels with small space between switches)
  • Hard plastic – doesn’t melt from heat/sun exposure
  • Available in red and blue

Contura V

  • Customizable
  • 90+ in stock
  • Don’t have to worry about fading because they’re laser-etched
  • Great for independent (backlit) switches
  • Slightly oval in shape
  • Widest of the three
  • Can be used for any backlighting color

Contura XIV

  • 1 mm narrower than contura V – works well when upgrading from contura III or contura II (for panels with tight space between switches)
  • Customizable
  • Laser-etched – don’t have to worry about fading
  • Can be used with any backlighting color
  • Similar shape to Contura II with the backlit-functionality of Contura V
  • Rectangular in shape
  • Indentation in the middle, defining the boundary between top and bottom switch functions

Currently available as special order only – we have 90 pre-configured available options you can view here

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