Underwater Lights

The best of the best in underwater lighting, our Lumitec underwater light selection includes all the latest innovations from this growing American company.  Browse by product line below, and click into any light to see our unique descriptions on why we love each of these models.


SeaBlazeX2 continues the legacy of the phenomenally successful SeaBlazeX series. The dual-color SeaBlazeX2 offers an internally synchronized white/blue crossfade mode as well as white or blue color output. The Spectrum offers a nearly limitless palette of intense, vivid colors complemented with a relaxing color cycle mode. Both versions deliver more than 6,000 lumens, easy surface mount installation, require no external drivers, Poco digital lighting control system compatibility, and a pedigree of reliability recognized the world over.

New for 2022 SeaBlazeX2 will be available with a new polished finish option, utilizing a proprietary bronze plating process to provide a unique high luster, brilliant finish.

SeaBlazX Spectrum RGBW underwater lights
SeaBlazeX2 Spectrum – $625.99

Lumen:     6000
Color:     RGBW
TTP:     Color, Cross Fade

SeaBlazX Spectrum RGBW underwater lights
SeaBlazeX2 Blue/White – $416.99

Lumen:     6000
Color:     Blue/White
TTP:     Color, Cross Fade

SeaBlaze Quattro

Since 2008, the SeaBlaze family of underwater lights has maintained its position as the undisputed value leader in underwater lighting. SeaBlaze Quattro is built on the shoulders of the world’s most popular underwater light, SeaBlaze3, and leveraging the technology of its big brother SeaBlazeX2. SeaBlaze Quattro boasts more than 2000 lumens, multi-mode output including cross fade, and a marine-grade bronze housing.

Available in white/blue dual-color or dazzling full-color Spectrum output, SeaBlaze Quattro is the new standard for high-performance value in underwater lighting.

SeaBlaze Quattro RGBW Underwater light
SeaBlaze Quattro – $375.99

Lumen:     2000
Color:     RGB
TTP:     Fade, Color

SeaBlaze Quattro Blue/White underwater light
SeaBlaze Quattro – $302.99

Lumen:     2000
Color:     Blue/White
TTP:     Fade, Color

SeaBlaze Mini

SeaBlaze Mini packs a surprising punch! Leveraging many of the technologies utilized in our marketing leading SeaBlaze series, ensuring years of trouble-free service. With an actual measured output of nearly 900 lumens†, there is simply no better value in underwater lighting. Available with full-color Spectrum (670
lumens†) with all of the features and dazzling output colors of the class-leading SeaBlazeX2 Spectrum.

SeaBlaze Mini and SeaBlaze Mini Spectrum are perfect for smaller trailer boats, skiffs, or dinghies. Single color lights are sold as a pair.

SeaBlaze Mini underwater light Set of two - White
SeaBlaze Mini Set – $303.99

Lumen:     890
Color:     White
TTP:     No

SeaBlaze Mini underwater light Set of two - Blue
SeaBlaze Mini Set – $303.99

Lumen:     N/A
Color:     Blue
TTP:     No

SeaBlaze Mini Spectrum full RGB underwater light
SeaBlaze Mini Spectrum – $214.99

Lumen:     670
Color:     RGBW
TTP:     Color

Frequently Asked Underwater Light Questions:

1. Which underwater light do you recommend for my boat?

Oh, what a loaded question, but everyone still asks it! Of course, the answer is, it depends. But here’s the advice we’d give a friend:

  • You’re going to be happy with any Lumitec product first off! There’s are no significant quality of construction differences from series to series.
  • For larger boats (~28ft +), we recommend the SeaBlaze X series, with the Output Lumen as our basis for doing so.
  • The full RGBW Spectrum lights are super cool, but there’s a cost premium to them. If cost is a primary factor in your decision-making, consider a single color variation.
  • The new Lumitec Quattro line is one of our favorites for overall value.
  • On smaller boats (<18ft), consider the Mini series. They are a good option for the price-conscious.

2. How many underwater lights do I need?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend based on the number of engines you have, plus one. So that would be two underwater lights for a single. Three for twins (two outside, one in center). Four for trips, etc. Underwater lights are usually installed between each outboard, plus two on the outside.

Generally, one light per 2 1/2 to 5 feet of a beam of light at the transom will give a nice uniform glow at the stern. As far as depth, underwater lights should be installed 8″ to 16″ below the waterline.

3. What is this “Time Toggle Protocol” (TTP) thing?

Great question!!! TTP is a protocol developed by the engineers over at Lumitec. With TTP, the user can control the various functions of the lights.

The Time Toggle Protocol (TTP) is a system of commands. In this case – given over the power wiring by toggling the power on and off quickly (<1 second or so).

Toggling the power to the light off will send the light into the next mode. “Modes” vary depending on the specs of that particular light (see the product specific page above), but examples include:

  1. Change colors (dual color lights)
  2. Constant ON (100% brightness)
  3. Cross-Fade – randomly cycles between colors or intensities
  4. Flashing / strobing between colors
  5. Dimming – interrupt a slow ramp up with a swift toggle off, locks in the current intensity

4. Do your underwater lights require syncing or control cabling?

No! The advanced design or our Lumitec underwater lights equipped with TTP allow mode selections without running any control cabling. Other brands might require you to run a control cabling.

One of the innovations of TTP is it allows you to use existing conductors. It bypasses the need to pull new wires.

Underwater lights drifting out of color sync is rarely an issue. But in the unlikely event that multiple lights become unsynched, toggle off for a few seconds, then re-initialize. The light color/intensity is re-synchronized automatically.