The Final Touch of Custom

You’ve decided to upgrade your dash.

Maybe you’re ditching some worn out Contura IIs for fancy, new laser etched Contura Vs.

Or maybe you’re making the jump from toggle switches to the more modern push buttons. No matter what, you’re upgrading and bringing backlighting to your brand new panel.

That final hint of bad ass you’re missing?

Your backlit logo.

Let’s take a look at our backlighting options (and some sweeeet examples) !


Blue LED is by far our most popular color choice for panel backlighting!

Our logo and text backlighting is done using LED strip lighting. While the strip lighting is equal in brightness, some switch brightness varies.

Our blue LED rocker switches are the brightest switches we carry; So for those who want the brightest switches with matching text/logo, go blue!

The majority of our customers do!


Red LED rocker switches aren’t quite as bright as the blue, but the red LED backlighting is perfect for that extra POP!


Just like the Red rocker switches, the green backlit rocker switches aren’t as bright as the blue ones. The green logo/text backlighting is a GORGEOUS option though, and pairs well with cool white LED rocker switches as an alternative to special ordering the green rockers!



Check out our youtube video below on RGB Backlighting!