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Product Description

Panel Mount Boat Ammeter

As functional as a voltmeter, our boat ammeter is a must-have for your next electrical upgrade.

This daylight readable ammeter mounts in a standard 1 1/8″ 12V / USB sized hole.  This Blue Sea 1732 digital ammeter displays a crisp and clear readout of the current (amps) being drawn through its shunt (sensor).

Accurate current measurement with 100mA (0.1 amp) accuracy.  This daylight readable ammeter is a great upgrade for an unused cigarette lighter hole and allows you to quickly see at a glance how much power you are pulling out of your batteries.

Installation Requirements:

Please Note: This ammeter does require the installation of a current shunt (included).  A current shunt is a (very low resistance) resistor that acts as a sensor – detecting how much current is flowing through it.  So the current displayed on the meter is reflective of where in the system you install the shunt.

The most common installation point is in the main feeder line coming from the battery to your switch panel and/or fuse block (or the negative of the same).  That type of installation would give you the current draw of your house loads.

One installation tip – coat the terminal block with some silicone after installation and testing to keep moisture from sitting on the wire clips.

Ammeter Specs:

Nominal Voltage: 12V or 24Vdc
Resolution: 0.1A
Intermittent Rating: 110A
Cranking Rating: 175A
Operating Current: 15mA

Typical Use:

Most often, our ammeter is used to display the total current being drawn by your house loads.  This would give you an idea of the rate of discharge of your house battery.  For example, if you have a 75AH (amp-hour) battery, and your ammeter shows a 7.5A current draw, you know you can maintain that rate of discharge for 10 hours.

However, if you crank up your stereo’s amp and turn on all your lights, and how to have a 40A current draw… then you better not keep that up for longer than an hour and a half or so, or else you’ll run the house battery dead.

Another thing I find useful is simply checking the current draw of loads.  Turn everything off, then turn on one item at a time and you can get a sense for the current draw of that specific device.

Included in Package:

  1. Ammeter Display
  2. Current Shunt
  3. Terminal Connector
  4. Mini-screwdriver


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