Marine Grade Terminals and Connectors

Make secure, sound electrical connections with our selection of quality marine grade terminals.

From Quick Disconnects to Butt Connectors, our high quality marine grade terminals will keep your connections safe and your rewire job going smoothly.

No auto-parts store junk here. All our terminals are the same quality components we use to built our custom switch panels.

Heat Shrink Labels
heat shrink boat wire labels
#8 Ring Terminal
Marine grade heat shrink ring terminal

Heat Shrink

Protect and label your own connections with these heat shrink products

Quick Disconnects

0.250″ Quick Disconnects – found all over boats. Used to connect to switches, breakers, fuses, etc.

Butt Connectors

Butt connectors or butt splices can save your day. A properly installed splice with proper sealing can last decades.

Ring Terminals

Ring terminals are the second most common marine connector.  Found on terminal blocks, bus bars, studs and battery posts.

Marine Grade Connectors

It would probably not be hard to believe that we’ve done a TON of marine wiring.  In the process we’ve run across many connector and terminal needs over the years, and done more sample ordering, experimenting and testing that we can remember.

But ultimately the terminals and connectors above are what our assembly guys keep on their work benches. Top quality connectors – same ones we use on our high end marine switch panels.

From a standard quick connect to a 3-way butt splice, these parts are genuinely quality – not the hard to crimp, shrink and use junk you’ll find on Amazon or at the auto parts store.  Try our the difference for yourself, including many of the hard to find parts we’ve hand selected above.