Butt – 14-16 to 18-20


Butt connector

Step-up, 12-14/18-20AWG


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Product Description

14-16 to 18-20AWG  Step-up Butt Splice

This little butt splice is super handy installing today’s low current draw LED lights.  These lights typically have 18 or even 20AWG wire leads because they draw so little current… but folks generally use a minimum of 16AWG for the longer cable pulls.

This connector allows you to connect those small light leads to the main feeder wire with ease (and without bending the small wire into a little wad so it crimps tight).

Remember you need at least two per light (positive and negative).


Category: Butt
Type: Step-up
Wire Size: 14-16 (blue) and 18-20 AWG (red)


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