Product Description

14-16AWG 1/4″ (0.250″) Male Quick Connect Terminal

A common find on boats, this 1/4″ (0.250″) size male quick connect (or “disconnect”) terminal is the mating part of this female quick connect. They’re often used together in place of butt connectors since they allows wires to be connected/disconnected without any cutting.

The 14-16 AWG male QC also comes in handy when wiring a terminal with little/tight space.

We occasionally use it with our Nav/Anc 7 terminal rocker switches, attaching it to a short (2-3 in.) 14AWG wire that’s connected to the switch terminal with a 16-14AWG Female Quick Connect. This allows us to establish a connection above the overcrowded space.


Category: Quick Disconnect (also called spade)
Type: Male

Wire Size: 14-16 AWG
Size: 0.250″