Product Description

Our Top 21 Covers

Quick-order our top 21 switch covers.  These are the 21 most common switch covers we have.  Easy-to-use Cover Removal Tool included FREE… no additional tools will be needed to replace your boat’s switch covers.

Covers Included: Nav/Anc, bilge 1, bilge 2, horn (red), livewell, livewell 2, aerator, light, courtesy light, fwd spreader, aft spreader, underwater light, cabin light, raw water, fresh water, electronics, blower, eject, acc 1, acc 2 and acc 3.

Guaranteed to fit any Carling V-series switch.  This is the type of switch on 94% of boats built after 1982.  They are interchangeable even with other styles like contura II, and III (see example video

Our laser etched switch covers will never wear off.  They will fit ALL switch types (ex: ON-OFF, ON-OFF-ON, momentary, etc).  They fit both single light, and double light switches.

Our laser etching shines through at night… it will still illuminate though there is no obvious visible lens (see product images for example of illumination).

You can add additional switch options from our selection of over 90 labels sold individually here.

Optional Breaker Boots

As an optional accessory, we can include 21 circuit breaker boots. These often age an a similar rate to your switch covers.  Replacing them both can make a major improvement:

Product Video: