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Electrical Choke


Voltage Spike Filter

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Product Description

This marine grade electrical choke prevents voltage spikes – caused by noisy loads – from potentially damaging or preventing Bluewater push button switches (and other MOSFET driven push button switches) from entering In Rush protection mode.

It is highly recommended for switches that control constant pressure washdown pumps commonly used in freshwater systems.

The electrical choke houses two coils which dampen the alternating transient signals coming from your noisy loads like washdown pumps; providing a clean flow of DC power to your switch.

To install the choke, simply butt connect the ends in series with the output of the switch; Preferably as close to the pump as possible, but can be done anywhere between the switch output and the load device in the positive conductor.


  • Wash down
  • Raw Water
  • Fresh Water

This electrical choke is approximately 9 ¾” in length with the choke itself measuring approx. 1.5” in diameter.


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