RigPro X201


Can be mounted into any thickness of fiberglass

UV Stable

Includes mounting template and hardware

RigPro X201


Product Description

RigPro X201, Recessed Double Battery Switch Mount

Our Popular Recessed Battery Switch Mount is Now Available in a Two Switch Option!  The X201 is our black recessed double battery switch mount.   It recesses your switches back into the bulkhead, while allowing easy – exterior – access to switches,  still keeping the terminals protected from the elements.

Our RigPro X200 and X201 Recessed Battery Switch Mounts are designed to connect to our X2 Series interior rigging boards to complete your battery management system; But they are not required to use this battery mount!

Designed and engineered in-house, our Recessed Double Battery Switch Mount builds upon the success of its single switch sibling, resisting snags & knocks on the switch knobs while also allowing ample space to get your hand in when needed.

This mount is made from top quality, UV Stable King Starboard; that means no fading, yellowing, or cracking!  In addition, it can be mounted into ANY thickness of fiberglass.

**This is our BLACK mount; If you’re looking for the Recessed Double Battery Switch Mount in WHITE, click here.**

Sleek design elevates the look of your boat with a clean “better than OEM” appearance. Our switch mount features a hidden fastener design, with no battery mount screws visible (4 mount screws are visible).

We offer this product by itself (Blank), or with any in-stock battery switch we carry. Mounting hardware is included.

Our Recessed Double Battery Switch Mount is a great choice when you have two battery switches, for example…  a separate engine and house switch, or perhaps two electric reels, or a main and a trolling motor.


  • Material: King Starboard
  • Color: Black
  • Mount Size: 8 1/2 in. (W) x 5 1/8 in. (H)
  • Mounting Template: Included
  • Hole Cut Size (Diameter): 3.85 in.
  • Hardware: Included (12). #8, ¾”, 316 Stainless Steel

Compatible with Blue Sea Systems M-Series and all Bluewater battery switches. Compatible part numbers:

Blue Sea Systems

Red: ON-OFF (6004, 6005, 6006); 1-2-BOTH (6007); 1-2-OFF (6008); DUAL CIRCUIT ON-OFF (6010); ON-OFF-COMBINE (6011)

Black: ON-OFF (6004200, 6005200, 6006200); 1-2-BOTH (6007200); 1-2-OFF (6008200); DUAL CIRCUIT ON-OFF (6010200); ON-OFF-COMBINE (6011200)


ON-OFF (9800-006); 1-2-BOTH (9800-007); ON-OFF-COMBINE (9800-011)



Download Mounting Template Here

Installation is a breeze with our included mounting template. Simply place your template in your desired location, follow the cut out with your jigsaw, and drill the screw holes (as shown on the template).

Then, use the included mounting hardware to install your battery switches to the Recessed Mount. Use the remaining hardware to secure the mount in place and you’re done! We estimate this process to take around just 10-15 minutes.

Installation Video:

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