Product Description

Wedgelock for AT06-6S

This mating wedgelock for the AT06-6S connector is part of the AT series.  This is the wedgelock component of the 4 part AT connector.

This is our preferred connector to join wires – carrying less than 13 amps –  that will have to be disconnected regularly. These also allow for ease of assembly and testing on a bench, before easy install on a boat.

Wedgelocks are necessary for use in AT connectors, aligning the pin and socket pairs and maintaining their position to avoid contacts. Once the sockets are in place, this AW6S wedgelock is easily inserted into the connector. 

IP68 sealed waterproof, this mating wedgelock and its connector are great for use on boats.  We regularly use them while building our high end custom dash panels for both retail and OEM customers.

This Amphenol brand (Deutsch style) wedgelock mates with this plug.


Required Parts:


AT connectors use size 16 contacts. Each cavity is rated for 13A max.


NOTE: The connectors and housing assemble quite easily by hand; however, specialty crimp tools are required to attach pins and sockets to the wires.