19mm ON/OFF Connector


A BlueWater 19mm pushbutton connector. This fits onto the stainless steel switch body and includes wire leads.

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Product Description

“S” Style 19mm Pre-Built Connector

A 19mm BlueWater ON/OFF pre-built connector that includes 4ft input and output leads, and 4ft negative and backlight leads.  This connector fits onto a 22mm BlueWater stainless steel body available here.

There are no special tools needed to attach this to the switch.  All of the specialty crimping and assembly has been done for you.

There is sealing plug already inserted into the open cavity.

You can also purchase complete pushbutton switch combos here.

Wire Color Code:

Black – Negative
Blue – Backlight Trigger (for use at night to illuminate the switch blue)
Red – Power Input
Brown – Power Output


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