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A-Series Flat Rocker Breakers

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Carling A-Series Circuit Breaker (Flat Rocker)

A-Series Flat Rocker Description:

A-Series Circuit Breakers have been the standard on boat distribution panels for decades.  The ones with the little toggles like these.  Our A-series flat rocker series has the same function, but a little different style.  They take a rectangular cutout.

These breakers are dual use DC / AC breakers, and found on many boats today.  We can also build a custom distribution panel using these breakers.

These heavy duty breakers are manually trippable (meaning you can flip it to turn it off like a switch).  When they are ON, they sit completely flush.  When they are OFF, the rocker sticks slightly out from the panel, and a white visual indicator bar is shown to easily see which breakers are off.

Amp-Stamp:  We’ve included an additional feature not found on most.  A high contrast white amp rating stamp identifying the current rating of the breaker right on the front of the panel!

Whether you’re building a new panel, replacing a failed breaker, or just need to change your breaker’s current (amp) rating – it will be an easy job with our replacement breakers.  Two small screws on the front release the breaker from the panel, and two screws on the back release it from the bus bar.

Select from 5A to 50A options above.  Part includes both mounting screws (black heads) and electrical screws.

These breakers are meant for a dry environment, they do not carry a waterproof rating.


  • Style: hydraulic-magnetic
  • Voltage Rating: 277Vac 50/60Hz, or 80Vdc
  • Current Trip Rating: 5A to 50A (select above)
  • Mechanical Endurance: 10,000 cycles
  • Poles: Single
  • Mounting Hardware: 6-32 screws (included)
  • Electrical Hardware: 10-32 screws (included)


Our A-Frame breakers meet all American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards for non ignition protected circuit breakers.

They are UL Recognized (UL1077), CSA Certified, TUV Certified, VDE Certified.

Shock, Vibration, Moisture Resistance, Salt Spray, Thermal Shock and Operating Temperature test data in accordance to MIL-PRF-55629 & MIL-STD-22 test results found in spec sheet download above.

Blue Sea Systems Cross Reference:

Our A-series breakers directly cross to the following common Blue Sea system parts:

  • 5A, white: Blue Sea 7400
  • 10A, white: Blue Sea 7402
  • 15A, white: Blue Sea 7403
  • 20A, white: Blue Sea 7404
  • 25A, white: Blue Sea 7405
  • 30A, white: Blue Sea 7406
  • 40A, white: Blue Sea 7407
  • 50A, white: Blue Sea 7408

How to Identify:

Method 1: Visual

There is a rectangular cutout approx 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ with mounting screws about 1 11/16″ apart.  More details of dimensions shown in product images above.  Do not confuse these with C-Series switches which look similar.  You cannot tell the difference between these (A-Series) and C-Series from the front.  You need to pull the panel and check the back.  The black case on A-Series will be right at 2″ wide, while the C-Series are about 2 1/2″ wide:






Method 2: Part Number

If you pull your existing breaker and look at the sticker on the side, it should have a long 14 digit part number that starts with “A”.  If it starts with a “C”, use these C-Series.  If it’s made by another manufacturer besides Carling, then it’s possible it will still fit.


Question: Can I get a rating above 50A?

Answer: No, A-series is only made up to 50A.  If you need a larger rating, please see C-Series.


Question: How can I tell what rating my breaker are?

Answer: If there’s no amp stamp on the front, you’ll need to pull the breaker and look at the sticker on the side.  It will say: “FL. AMP (In)  XX“.  The XX is the current rating.  If the sticker is destroyed, then you won’t be able to tell, so choose your breaker based off the load and wire size attached to it.  This will not be a problem anymore with our breakers because they have the current rating stamp directly on the front.

Build a Custom Panel:

We can also build a very nice custom distribution panel using these breakers.  With indicator lights, custom text, backlit text.  Contact us to inquire about that!


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