Blank, no etching


Carling Contura V Actuator
Black, blank

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Product Description

Black contura V switch cover – no etching


Blank, black contura V actuator.  This is the same laser etchable actuator we use for our custom etched rocker switches, but it has no etching.

It will look slightly different than a non-laser etched cover, which we do not carry at this time.

It will have no lens, and no engraving whatsoever.


These covers are SUPER popular on boats… so if you’ve reached this page 97% chance that yes… it will fit.

Our Contura II and V switch covers are interchangeable on all Carling V-series switches.  There are many contura styles (II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and XIV), which all look slightly different and have a variety of lens colors and looks.  This cover will replace them all and is a great way to make your dash look new again.


The easiest way to tell is visually.  The most common actuator styles are shown below.  If your switches look similar to this, they will fit.

Contura II III IV and V-min

Contura II’s have 8 small bumps at the top and bottom.  This is the style we print onto.  Lenses can be any variety of colors (white shown here).

Contura III’s have three horizontal lines top and bottom.  This style uses a narrow bar lens only.

Contura V style is slightly rounded… shown here surrounded by contura IV style

Contura IV style has a curved almost banana shape to it.

Markings On Switch:

You’ll have to pull the switch out or crawl under the dash to check this, but matching switches will have several markings:

  • U.S. PAT. 5105059”  one one side, and on the other:
  • Carling Technologies
  • a 4 digit part number starting with a “V” (ex: V1D1)
  • 20A 12V Mexico

If your switch has any of these markings it will fit.

Take A Photo And Ask Us

Feel free to take a photo and email to and we’ll tell you if they will fit.

Try it, and return it if they do not

Remember we have a 45 day no-questions-asked return policy.  If  it does not fit, just return it for a full refund.

Our etched switches make a huge difference in readability at night.  See the image below as an example of a printed cover, and an etched cover as we fade into darkness.  These two actuators are on the same switch body… the actuator makes that much of a difference.


illuminated rocker switches


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