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M2 OLED DC Multimeter


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M2 OLED DC Multimeter

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Product Description

Panel Mount M2 DC Multimeter

Measure your boats essential DC electrical system parameters in one compact device with our M2 OLED DC Multimeter.

Accurately measures DC Voltage on up to 2 battery banks and Current on 1 circuit. This item includes one 500A Shunt and supports shunts up to 5000A DC.

Designed with adjustable internal 92dB alarm for High Current, High/Low Voltage.

Our Multimeter has the M2 monitor that included MOSFET External Circuit Relay (ECR) which can be used to control external circuits based on any value measured by the M2.

Bright Organic LED display is easy to read with an auto-dimming feature for night time use.

Ip66 rated as “dust tight” and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water with awesome mounting options.

An Ac version of our  M2 OLED Multimeter  available for AC system use.


  • Meter: Current/Voltage
  • Function:8 to 70V/ to 500A
  • Current Range: -500 to 500A
  • Current Accuracy: ‡1.0%
  • Resolution: 0.01V DC
  • Alarms: High  Current / High /Low Voltage
  • Display Size: 55mm x 28mm
  • Input Voltage: 7-70V DC
  • Voltage Accuracy: ‡1.0%
  • Maximum Power Consumption:1.00Watt
  • Minimum Power Consumption: 0.3 Watt

Dimensioned Drawing

Installation Guide

Mounting Diagram



What we like about the Blue Sea 1834 M2 DC Multimeter:

  • Auto-dimming, bright OLED display is easy to read
  • Easy to adjust
  • 92dB alarm
  • Isolated MOSFET relay



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