Product Description

Single Circuit Maxi Fuse Holder – Blue Sea 5006

This holder is for Maxi fuses (sold separately) – not ATC style!

A Maxi is still a blade type fuse, but is about twice the size as a standard automotive ATC style fuse, which allows for higher current ratings (up to 80A fuses).

You might use this single maxi fuse holder near your boat’s battery to protect a main feeder wire to a sub-fuse block like this one.  Another use might be to protect a single larger load like a stereo amp, or windlass.

With a snap-on terminal cover insulating conductive parts it satisfies ABYC/USCG requirements for marine use.

Easy to mount with (3) wood or machine screws, connect to this Maxi fuse holder with two #10 ring terminals

Fuse Holder Specs:

  • Circuits: (1) #10 screw
  • Inputs: (1) #10 screw
  • Negative Bus: No
  • Max Current: 80A
  • Max Voltage: up to 32Vdc
  • Fuse Type: Maxi


What We Like About This Fuse Holder:

  • A single circuit of >30A is usually all you might have on a small boat, so works perfectly.
  • Mounts really easily in a small space.