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Product Description

(ON)-OFF Rocker Switch, SPST, Red LED

This rocker is a Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) and it’s function is (ON)-OFF.  Where (ON) means momentary.  It is the same as this switch, except it has Red LEDs.

It would be used for a horn or maybe a macerator pump, where you wanted it to be backlit like our illuminated rocker switches are.

This is a rocker switch body only.  This rocker switch body is meant to be paired a etched switch cover for a complete switch unit.  All actuators sold on this site will fit this switch.

Like all our rocker switches this is a genuine Carling Technologies product.  It is IP68 sealed dustproof and waterproof.

Rocker Switch Specs

  • Nominal voltage: 12Vdc
  • Current Rating: 20A
  • Terminals: 4
  • Carling P/N: V2D1-AC0B
  • Lamp Type: Red LED
  • Lamp Life: 10o,000 hours

(ON)-OFF Red Backlit Rocker Switch Wiring Diagram:

momentary backlit rocker switch wiring diagram



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