Timer Pod Kit – Contura XIV


Livewell/Aerator Timer Kit

Includes Rocker Switch, Contura XIV Cover, pre-assembled leads, timer pod, and securing zip ties

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Product Description

Timer Pod Kit, Contura XIV

Introducing the Timer Pod Kit – Another one-shop project for your boat, designed by us with your livewell, and your spare time, in mind!

We’ve taken our awesome little self-contained livewell timer pod and built out the perfect kit… Pre-assembled with a plug-and-go harness, the timer pod and its leads are designed for use with the included (OEM-exclusive) backlit rocker switch and Contura XIV style actuator – laser etched and custom designed for this kit.

Lastly, we added two 4 in. zip ties to secure the pod to your panel’s harness.


How the Timer Pod Kit Works:

Once connected to the double throw switch, the prebuilt leads allow your livewell to either be:

  • constantly on (AUTO)
  • completely turned off
  • on the timer (MAN).

This livewell or aerator timer pod runs for 1 minute, then cycles off for three minutes… forever, when it’s powered up.  It can even be used to keep bait fresh overnight on the trailer and will only draw down one quarter of the battery drain a constantly “on” pump would.

Installation is quick and easy with our wiring diagram! Included with shipping – see below.


More About the Timer Pod:

Marine-grade and potted waterproof, this Rig Rite 535 timer pod stands up to the harsh abuse and runs like a champ.  With very low failure rates and a pretty dang impressive current capacity (10A) – it’s made for use as a boat aerator timer.

It is usually used on livewell recirc pumps to keep the pump aerating or drawing in new water on a cycling basis.  It turns the livewell pump on and off without any substantial parasitic drain.


Timer Pod Kit Wiring Video:

Timer Pod Kit Wiring Diagram:

Timer Pod Kit Wiring Diagram



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